Tapped Convo Between Top US Officials About Ukraine

Ukraine protests 2013-2014

Ukraine protests 2013-2014 (Photo credit: FotoBart)

‘This is not breaking news but maybe not everybody heard it, the first time around. It’s straight out of “Wag the Dog” and it would be funny, if it weren’t so damned serious.

‘This phone intercept of a conversation between two top US officials, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine and Victoria Jane Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State has been confirmed to be true:…’

It Wasn’t Civil War in Ukraine, It Was ‘Revolution’
Eyewitness to the massacre in Kiev
The word ‘revolution’ seems always to be misplaced or misused. In Manila, pundits insist on calling the EDSA uprising—which was celebrated yesterday—a revolution
‘If anyone calls current events in Ukraine a civil war, don’t believe them. This has been a war between the Ukrainian people and elements of their government, a battle for their freedom and against tyranny and dictatorship. Much more like a revolution.

‘It started like a carnival, a peaceful demonstration, an expression of people’s will to join European Union and shift away from Russia. But the Ukrainian Woodstock was over very soon. Then the troops moved in and death took over.

‘This was no longer a carnival. This was war…’

Winter Comes Back
Return of the Polar Vortex?
This is weird but the Manila weather seems to confirm that since the January chill is also back here!
‘Another bout of painfully cold Arctic air is on its way to the northern United States, reviving talk of what has become popularly known as the “polar vortex.”

‘While it’s not necessarily inaccurate to refer to the event as the “polar vortex,” Rayno said, the increased hype around this phrase since January’s deep chill has warped people’s perceptions of what is actually a fairly common weather phenomenon…’

Informants who helped US catch drug lords say rewards have not been paid
‘…The offer of bounties is a powerful weapon in the US “war on drugs”, especially against foreign kingpins who have been indicted in US courts. The state department’s Narcotics Rewards Programme is currently offering a total of $185m for 41 suspects around the world, including known Colombian and Mexican drug lords and members of Colombia’s Farc rebels, who are deeply involved in the drug trade. It was a tipoff that led Mexican and US law enforcement officials to capture Mexico’s most-wanted drug kingpin, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, earlier this month. Guzmán was on the reward programme target list with an offer of up to $5m for information leading to his arrest. But the lure of a reward only works if people are paid. Tito and other Colombian informants who have helped capture or kill targets previously on the list say they have not received the rewards they were promised – and that the US is reneging on its obligations…’


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