Parrot Identifies Owner’s Murderer

dailymail-article-2569214-03BB34010000044D-267_306x423The parrot’s name is Hercule. Might be named after fiction crime/mystery hero Poirot
‘An Indian journalist managed to catch the person who killed his wife after getting a tip off – from their pet parrot.

‘Vijay Sharma, the editor of a Hindi daily newspaper in Agra in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, returned home to find both his wife Neelam Sharma, 45, and her pet dog, had been murdered.

‘The only survivor was Hercule the pet parrot, but he had been stunned into silence after witnessing the horrific killings.

‘The house had also been ransacked and jewellery and cash stolen.

‘Police had no obvious leads, but that changed when Vijay’s nephew Ashutosh visited their house after the murder.
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Man Dies Trying to Save Phone from Fire
Fire kills elderly Plano man who went back into burning home to retrieve cell phone
‘An elderly Plano man was killed early Thursday when he went back into his burning home to retrieve a cell phone.

‘The fire was reported shortly after 1 a.m. at the home in the 800 block of Haggard Street, fire Capt. Peggy Harrell said. She said firefighters arrived three minutes after the call to find the house engulfed in flames.

‘“It was big enough to get your attention,” said neighbor Scott Hampton, who went outside after his dogs woke him up.

‘Two men and the victim’s daughter all escaped initially, Harrell said, but the men re-entered the burning home because they had no phone to call 911. Hampton said he had to stop the daughter from going back in…’

Marijuana Grower’s Own Home Alarm Sends Him to Prison
‘A home security system led to a more secure home for a Muskegon homeowner, at least for the next three to 12 years.

‘Marlon Gene Kelley, 53, of Muskegon last week was sentenced to state prison for marijuana-growing and gun crimes uncovered after his home alarm system sent Muskegon police to his house…’

Blessing or curse?
$10M Gold Find Will be Taxed 50%
‘The Gold Country couple who unearthed at least $10 million worth of 19th century gold coins in their yard last year will probably owe close to half of that sum in federal and state income tax – whether or not they sell the coins.

‘There is no question that the discovery of the coins is a taxable event. In a famous 1969 decision, a U.S. District Court in Ohio ruled that a “treasure trove” is taxable the year it is discovered. In that case, Cesarini vs. United States, a couple bought a used piano in 1957 for about $15. In 1964, they found $4,467 in old currency inside it.

‘The court ruled that the money constituted ordinary income in 1964, the year in which they had “undisputed possession” of the funds…’


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