Trauma Is Contagious

democracynow-SandyFonzo_JudgeCiavarellaHas anyone said to you: Stay away from that person. He is ‘bad vibes’ and ‘negative aura’. We could also say now ‘Avoid persons with trauma’.
‘Dr. Robert Motta, a psychology professor at Hofstra University, is the first person to make sense of me in a year and a half.

‘He tells me about one study in which one monkey watches another on television. The study finds that if the monkey on television is fearful, the watching monkey becomes fearful as well.

‘Motta is comparing me to the monkey that’s watching. He tells me that the watching monkey can’t smell anything or sense any danger in the air.

‘”Are you following me?” Motta asks.

‘Motta is a cognitive behavioral psychotherapy specialist who studied secondary trauma in Vietnam vets’ families. He thinks I have Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder, or STSD…’

Managing Perception Instead of Reality?
Here’s a ridiculous theory by James and Tom who didn’t share their last names:
‘In our correspondence, James and Tom focus on managing subjective perceptions as opposed to realities. The key, they say, is that a girlfriend will be happy because she’ll “perceive her boyfriend as more engaged”…’

Vitamin Can Heal Pneumonia in 3 Hours
‘When NaturalNews365 interviewed Dr. Andrew Saul, more information on the power of Vitamin C was captured. The physician shared that in just 3 hours, he healed himself of pneumonia. The video also shares how an adequate dosage of Vitamin C helped a child fully recover from serious upper respiratory diseases naturally.

‘Vitamin C is essential for bodily health and regeneration. It can be found in all fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, in some sprouted grains, legumes, and seaweeds. One can be as adventurous as they like to gain enough of the essential nutrient, or supplement, though it should be noted supplemental version is not as optimal as fresh.
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American Food Fraud: What’s on Your Plate?
‘Spices, milk and vegetable oils are the most common fraudulent foodstuffs, according to Markus Lipp, senior director of food standards for US Pharmacopeia. “If I go to India, I may find there is completely fake milk on the market,” Lipp said. “Milk that never saw a cow.”

‘Something is rotten in America’s food bureaucracy. Indeed, as documented in stunningly eye-opening Whistleblower magazine, “FOOD FRAUD,” Americans have been seriously deceived about food and what constitutes a “healthy diet” for a very long time…’
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