Another Person Died Trying to Save Phone

English: Boothe Elevators and BNSF railway on ...

English: Boothe Elevators and BNSF railway on the southwest side of . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Teen Killed Trying to Retrieve Phone From Tracks
Don’t forget about Digital Gadget Addiction

And just last week, a Texas man died after going back into a burning house for his phone
‘Family members, friends and school officials are mourning the loss of a 14-year-old girl who was struck and killed by a train in Martinez when, according to her mother, she tried to retrieve a cell phone she had dropped on the tracks.

‘Jenna Betti was hit by an eastbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway freight train east of Old Orchard Road near Howe Road about 5 p.m. Sunday, authorities said…’

Warning Shot Could Get you 60 Years in Prison
Kill someone like Trayvon Martin and you get free. Fire a warning shot and…
Related: Timeline: A step-by-step look at the Marissa Alexander case
‘Marissa Alexander, 33, was previously convicted in 2012 of three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 20 years in prison by Circuit Judge James Daniel under the state’s 10-20-life law. Daniel actually imposed three separate 20-year sentences on Alexander but ordered that they be served concurrently, which meant Alexander would get out in 20 years.

‘The conviction was thrown out after the 1st District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee ruled that Daniel made a mistake in shifting the burden to Alexander to prove she was acting in self-defense. During jury instructions, Daniel said she must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was battered by her husband…’

Almost 20% of Soldiers ‘Suicidal’ Before Enlisting
And just last week, it was discovered that soldier’s trauma is contagious:

‘Amid growing alarm at the rate of suicide among members of the military and confusion about possible causes, researchers reported on Monday that most of the Army’s enlisted men and women with suicidal tendencies had them before they enlisted, and that those at highest risk of making an attempt often had a long history of impulsive anger.

‘The new research — contained in three papers posted online Monday by the journal JAMA Psychiatry — found that about one in 10 soldiers qualified for a diagnosis of “intermittent explosive disorder,” as it is known to psychiatrists — more than five times the rate found in the general population…’

Difference Between Non-genetically Modified and Organic Farming
Why The ‘Non-GMO’ Label Is Organic’s Frenemy
‘Non-genetically modified farming is not organic. It’s a whole lot cheaper and essentially uses conventional farming techniques. But some consumers think they’re the same thing.

‘It’s easy to think of “organic” and “non-GMO” as the best buddies of food. They sit comfortably beside each other in the same grocery stores — most prominently, in Whole Foods Market. Culturally, they also seem to occupy the same space. Both reject aspects of mainstream industrial agriculture.

‘In fact, the movement to eliminate genetically modified crops — GMOs — from food is turning out to be organic’s false friend. The non-GMO label has become a cheaper alternative to organic…’


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