36 U.S. Cities “Dump” the Dollar [Video]

tarasabo-dirty dollar36 cities in 20 states are turning their back on the U.S. dollar.
‘This is happening right here in America. And it’s a quickly developing situation. Recently, Warren Buffett warned that people should “fear paper money.” When you see this story you’ll see why he’s right. But let me warn you. This is extremely controversial. However, you need to understand what’s happening.’

Massachusetts Declares Peeping Upskirt Photos are Legal
That also means taking pointed photos of strangers are legal too! That law is anti-privacy
‘The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Wednesday that a law used to charge a Green Line rider with taking upskirt photos of women in 2010 did not apply in the case because the women did not have any expectation of privacy in a public place and they were not in a state of undress.

‘The SJC ruled in the case of Commonwealth vs. Michael Robertson that the state law that Robertson was charged with violating in two criminal complaints in 2010 does not actually make what he did a crime.

‘Robertson did not contest that he took upskirt photos of two women on the Green Line in December 2010, but did contest that, because the women were not nude or partially nude and in public, he did not violate state law as written…’

33% Of Nursing Home Patients Harmed By Their Treatment
‘…And about 60 percent of nursing home residents harmed by their treatment wound up back in the hospital as a result; such injuries likely cost Medicare about $2.8 billion a year, officials say. That’s just the hospitalization cost. It doesn’t account for extra doctor visits and longer nursing home stays that also result from patients’ injuries…’

Another crazy law
Florida Officials Want to Kick Man Off “Uninhabitable” Land He Owns
Florida is also doing that to Robin Speronis
‘A Florida man bought land at a tax sale, and now officials are trying to force him off the property.

‘Mike McKee bought the half-acre of land in Daytona Beach for $700 in 2011. He cannot build on the land because it is considered wasteland.

‘Officials believe he is trying to live on the land because he has tables and a “makeshift” sleeping area…’


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