A Brilliant Publicity and Protest in One Move

jasonverwey-book-burningBut is the artist aware of the result of dumping his Kickstarter project!?
Comic Artist Raises $50K for Books, Then Just Burns Them
‘…John Campbell’s project page is now titled “IT’S OVER,” and his accompanying note is mostly a rant (or “protest,” in his words) against capitalism and the negative impacts humans have on each other and the world.

‘”If you have negative feelings about the actions I am taking, that is part of what I am protesting against,” Campbell wrote on his Kickstarter page. “I am protesting the values you use to determine how you feel about and interact with the world. I will not be responsible for the manufacture of any more unnecessary physical objects. The natural world is being destroyed by unnecessary production.”

‘But he does use parts of his declaration to address his former contributors…’

Another Daring Publicity Stunt?
Famous Prankster Arrested for Inciting Public Riot
‘Atwood’s viral pranks include anything from attaching rubber snakes to girls in public, helping the homeless with pizza parties or staging kidnappings. The young father and his team average tens of millions of views on his award-winning YouTube channel. Some are elaborate like the drive-by shooting prank, and some involve police threats while pretending to urinate in public. His most well-known Internet favorite garnered 43+ million views and featured a surprise twist when he told his girlfriend of 5 years that he had cheated.

‘This time he faked breaking into a bought and gutted ATM with play money…’

The “Out to Lunch” Surgeon
Join the move to oust him from office
Join us in calling on the board of Fresno’s Community Regional Medical Center to suspend Dr. Chaudhry’s operating privileges and fire him.
The State of California has documented that your surgeon’s decision to leave an open heart surgery before it was finished put a 72-year old patient in a persistent vegetative state. New legal allegations that Dr. Chaudhry had a recurring problem of leaving surgeries before they were complete and abused alcohol demand that you revoke his operating privileges.
sign here

‘Food Babe’ Reveals Foods That Are Killing Us
‘When a popular restaurant’s bread contains a chemical also found in shoe soles and yoga mats, perhaps it’s just a matter of time before the population rises up and demands change.

‘That’s exactly what is happening in company after company, and on this week’s Off The Grid Radio, well-known food blogger Vani Hari – known more popularly as the “Food Babe” – tells us all about the bad additives we are eating every day and why we should be very concerned…’


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