Meet The People Who Will To Go To Mars [Video]

guardianlv-surface-of-mars-1827‘Two-hundred thousand people applied to participate in a project called Mars One. It’s a private enterprise to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars and film a reality show along the way. The thing is, right now the technology can only get them there…’

5 Ways The Elite Are Dumbing Us Down
‘Alex and Dr. Edward Group break down the flaws of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM), and explore natural solutions for popular psychiatric medicines.

‘The conversation also turns to how the pharmaceutical industry is waging a war on masculinity, and the true medical facts of fluoride and its long-term effects on society as a whole, with emphasis on children and babies…’

If Bitcoin is Legal, Why is its Creator Hiding?
Dorian Nakamoto: I Am Not the Creator of Bitcoin
If Nakamoto is indeed the founder, he might be denying it because:
Some say that the story released too much personal information
‘Regardless of whether Dorian Nakamoto is the founder, the story is garnering criticism for releasing so much personal information about him. Leah McGrath Goodman writes about his car, and the magazine included a picture of both Nakamoto and his house, where the house number is visible. Some Reddit commenters said they already found his house on Google Maps.’

And if he is the founder, his being super-rich puts him in danger so he hides. Newsweek also reported that Satoshi Nakamoto did classified work for the U.S. military and major corporations. He is therefore a ‘classified’ person who is bound to anonymity

‘A report in Newsweek, published earlier this week, claimed the elusive man behind the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, known only by the name Satoshi Nakamoto, is actually called Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, and is living with his mom in California. Now, the man in the focus of Newsweek’s story told the Associated Press he has absolutely nothing to do with the cryptocurrency, and his short exchange with Newsweek’s reporter was misunderstood.

‘Claiming he never even heard of Bitcoin until Newsweek contacted him, Dorian Nakamoto makes it very clear he is not the person the report claims he is. “I got nothing to do with it,” he told AP…’

20,000 People and You on March 11
On Tuesday, March 11, Idealist will launch a new network—online and on the ground—that will help people everywhere connect and take action on any issue that concerns them, locally or globally, online and in person.

We’ll start with a live online presentation, take your questions, and then start building this network with you. Here’s some background about why we’re doing this, and why we need your voice in this conversation.

To get involved from the very start, please RSVP below and put us on your calendar for Noon EST or 11:00pm EST


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