Three Lessons Learned From Studies of Success

‘…success does not create happiness, instead, it is the other way around: happiness creates success. Success is an inner job.’

Retailers generally favor DST. United Cigar St...

Retailers generally favor DST. United Cigar Stores hailed a 1918 DST bill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘A lot has been learned about the brain and behavior in the last three decades. At the same time, we’ve gained understanding of success by studying successful people in various endeavors.’
Here are three important lessons we’ve gained from studying success

The Value of a Fraction of a Second Delay
Ever-so-slight delay improves decision-making accuracy
‘Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers have found that decision-making accuracy can be improved by postponing the onset of a decision by a mere fraction of a second. The results could further our understanding of neuropsychiatric conditions characterized by abnormalities in cognitive function and lead to new training strategies to improve decision-making in high-stake environments. The study was published in the March 5 online issue of the journal PLoS One…’

Reasons Why Daylight Saving Time (DST) Needs To Be Abolished
Did you know that DST was a tradition started by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 because he was interested in conserving candles and that he’s credited with coming up with the idea as a joke.

‘After Lena Dunham brings a load of Brooklyn to Saturday Night Live tonight, it’ll be time to turn the clocks forward one hour for daylight saving time (not savings), the biggest chronological scam in history. More enlightened states like Arizona and Hawaii have cast off the chains of DST, but NY is still pointlessly tethered to it. We agree that it’s great to leave work and still have an hour or two of sunlight, but this country (and NY in particular) doesn’t need the antiquated DST system anymore to be able to get that. So due to overwhelming demand, we’ve revisited and expanded our list of reasons why DST should end forever…’

The Persecuted Lives of Emergency Physicians
When Facts Are Scarce, ER Doctor Turns Detective
What would you do if you’re an emergency physician and the only thing the paramedics who brought in the patient know is his name and address and nobody else was at home?

‘We emergency physicians frequently hear complaints from other doctors about how we order too many tests and admit too many patients. While is a problem — and fear of malpractice and sometimes play a role — it’s easy to make harsh judgments after the fact.

‘When caring for patients we don’t know and who could have life-threatening illnesses, emergency physicians have to do what is safest and best with the information at hand, sparse as it may be…’


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