Readings of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

cars parking at night in malaysia
This is ‘an unprecedented aviation mystery’ says Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the head of Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority

‘…As of this writing, this plane remains missing, even though the sea is relatively shallow in the area where the lane went missing.

‘As for the other object described here, it disappears as well. There have been no reports about this object – or plane, or what have you; whether it was a commercial airliner, like the many others in flight during the final moments preceding the disappearance of Flight 370 – but the object in question certainly didn’t behave like a commercial airliner.

‘Regardless of whether or not this mystery object had anything to do with the demise of of Flight 370 – what IS evident is that the radar readings shown in this clip captured signals from what for now, can only be termed a UFO.’
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Fate Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Still A Mystery
“We Still Don’t Know What Happened To Flight MH370.” -USA Today

‘…The flight, , took off from Kuala Lumpur around 12:30 a.m. local time on Saturday. The flight to Beijing should have taken about six hours.

‘Instead, within the first hour or two of the flight, “the plane lost contact with ground controllers somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam,” as the AP says. Authorities say the pilots did not issue any sort of distress signal…’

Aviation Is Stuck In The 60s
‘…In my view  it is indefensible that we send planes loaded with passengers over the oceans without Internet, real time voice communications nor  GPS trackers. And even over land and near the coasts we use radars to know where aircraft are, but radars don’t know really exactly where a plane is because radars are so slow at locating fast moving objects that by the time a controller sees you, you are somewhere else. And radars have very short range so we can’t have radar coverage over oceans.  The radar/transponder system is just obsolete.  But still the norm.That Malaysian MH370 can disappear over the ocean and nobody knows exactly where, or the Air France 447 flight over the Atlantic went down and it took months to find the black box, is just irresponsible on the part of aviation authorities. My own Citation, a private jet, has a GPS tracker so we always know where it is. It cost less than $1000…’
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