Vital Lessons from Online Learning

Why it’s so hard to finish an online course

University of Maryland to Offer Four Free Cour...

University of Maryland to Offer Four Free Courses Through Coursera (Photo credit: Merrill College of Journalism Press Releases)

I Failed My Online Course—But Learned A Lot About Internet Education
by Selena Larson
‘I registered for a five-week course on Coursera, Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory And Practice. I’m interested in global politics and how the definition and scope of terrorism has changed since September 11, 2001, and since the topic was equally intriguing and different from the tech community I’m knee-deep in, I figured this class would provide a good introduction to massive open online courses.

‘The course was available under Coursera’s “Signature Track” program, so I paid $49 to receive a certificate of completion when I passed the class. It was a waste of $49.

‘I failed my first MOOC.

‘It wasn’t for lack of trying. When I first signed up, I took it very seriously…’

The 10 Best Classes For Self-Sufficiency Training
‘Self-sufficiency involves a lot more than buying all the cool-looking gear advertised online and in magazines. Embarking on a self-reliant or off-the-grid lifestyle also involves education and training.

‘Regardless of where you call home, there are a plethora of on-site and even online self-reliance training classes you can – and should – consider taking…’
Here are 10

Canned Responses For Email Productivity
Some messages just need robotic responses
‘Efficiency means doing things at the right time, automating what you can, and going through them in one go. If you’re effective, you’re doing something right. That’s why you should use email filters and schedule email time. One trick is to prepare canned responses for emails you frequently write…’
a list for your inspiration

Don’t Spend Money Cleaning Your Own PC
‘What we are going to cover are the most basic techniques and tools to help even the most hapless of technophobes and self-described computer illiterates. We know there’s a million-and-one guides already out there but How-To Geek School wants to be different by teaching you, rather than telling you what to do. We don’t want to overwhelm you with every single possible solution, because in the end, you just need a regular routine and a few simple steps to follow.

‘Therefore, we take you through only the things you need to know to practice good computer husbandry!…’
Don’t Spend Money


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