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"Simple Living" image (left) and Vui... “Simple Living” image (left) and Vuitton’s Audra bag, created by Takashi Murakami (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wisdom of Not Using a Mobile Phone

Take note I said ‘using’ and not ‘having’. Having a cellphone and not using it is a challenge to discipline self.
The worst thing about having a celphone is it deludes us to a false sense of urgency. The fear of missing on something we falsely consider important—social networks, forum replies, etc…—also makes us crave for our phones. It’s shocking how many people tried to save their phones from destruction to end up losing their lives too.

The fact is there are very few things that can’t wait long enough for us to attend to. I prefer having time to think things over, learn patience and calm down than be stressed needlessly.

Why you should buy less crap to be happier in life
“Twenty years from…

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