Theory Validated 60 Years After Author’s Death!

Alan Turing Statue at Bletchley Park - geograp...

Alan Turing Statue at Bletchley Park – – 1591029 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turing’s theory of chemical morphogenesis
‘Alan Turing’s accomplishments in computer science are well known, but lesser known is his impact on biology and chemistry. In his only paper on biology, Turing proposed a theory of morphogenesis, or how identical copies of a single cell differentiate, for example, into an organism with arms and legs, a head and tail.

‘Now, 60 years after Turing’s death, researchers from Brandeis University and the University of Pittsburgh have provided the first experimental evidence that validates Turing’s theory in cell-like structures…’
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Future US Officials Should Take Tech Lessons
Embarrassing stories shed light on U.S. officials’ technological ignorance
Did you know that Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the U.S. Homeland Security Department from 2009 to 2013, admitted that she didn’t use email “because she just didn’t think it was useful.” lol

‘It’s no secret that many U.S. lawmakers are a bit behind the times in terms of technology. One expert speaking at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, shed some light recently on just how far behind some of the most powerful people still are.

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‘U.S. Senator trying to outlaw Bitcoin clearly doesn’t know much about Bitcoin

‘Dr. Peter W. Singer, director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence, recalled one U.S. official who was “about to negotiate cybersecurity with China” asking him to explain what the term “ISP” (Internet Service Provider) means, according to the Guardian. This wasn’t the only example of this lack of awareness.

‘”That’s like going to negotiate with the Soviets and not knowing what ‘ICBM’ means,” Dr. Singer said. “And I’ve had similar experiences with officials from the UK, China and Abu Dhabi.”…’

Canadian able to trigger ‘out of body’ experiences at will
‘“She’s able to bring on this experience pretty much on demand,” Messier, a professor in the university’s School of Psychology, said Monday. “She told me that she thought everybody could do that.”

‘Out of body experiences, often associated with drugs, extreme danger or near-death experiences, have been widely reported. “These experiences exist,” said Messier. “There’s lots of descriptions of them.”

‘But few occur in conditions conducive to scientific study. And cases where healthy individuals were able to elicit them on demand had never been scientifically studied.

Until now…’

Prime Minister: ‘Deliberate Action’ Disabled Missing Jet’s Systems
‘Malaysia’s prime minister says he is now certain that someone disabled the communication systems on the passenger jet that disappeared last week with 239 people aboard.

‘The missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flew more than six and a half hours after its last communication with air traffic control, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a news conference early Saturday.

‘”These movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane,” he said…’

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