Conspiracy or Police Fault?

English: Prison photo of .

English: Prison photo of . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a serial killer appeared on the Dating Game
‘There’s a twofold “conspiracy theory” that many of the serial killers who exploded on the scene in the 60s and 70s were products of “medical experiments” in the US prison system.

‘The second half of the theory says that law enforcement was not in too big a hurry to catch them.

‘George Bush Jr’s mysterious decision to commute serial killer Henry Lee Lucas’s death sentence – the only one he ever granted – adds fuel to that fire. Here’s another odd bit of information.

‘Serial killer Rodney Alcala managed to find time to appear on the Dating in the midst of his multi-year killing spree.’
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6 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Sick
What to Do About It
First mentioned is: You’re Not Getting Enough Time Outdoors
And that convinced me since I am an urban hermit who avoids getting out
‘Many people I know, with and without small kids at home, expect to get sick several times a year. Every Autumn I watch my own Facebook newsfeed report the complete take-down of households all over the country as hundreds of people I know succumb to the stomach flu. Facebook also tells me how many of my friends and acquaintances are dealing with colds, flus, and sick kids…’

The Real Expiration Date for Common Foods
‘There is waste before, during and after a food item’s grocery stay. Now, more than ever, when throwing out food we’re unsure of, it feels like trashing bags of money – and most of it is completely unnecessary. But nobody wants to read yet another scolding article about it. So…

‘Now that we know our expiration labels don’t tell us anything at all – where do we go from here? What can we eat with confidence?

‘First, let’s define some terms for the dates printed on food products…’

QUIZ: What Came Out Of World War I?
Did you know that the first pilotless drone was already in use during WWI? It was developed for the U.S. Navy in 1916 and 1917 by two inventors, Elmer Sperry and Peter Hewitt, who originally designed it as an unmanned aerial bomb—essentially a prototype cruise missile.

‘World War I shook up the world in a dramatic way — and from that chaos emerged inventions, words and other things we still use today. Can you identify them all?’


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