Successful Hi-Tech Search for Dog

googlegeodevelopers-imagesLost Dog Found Thanks to Facebook. How many has done that for people?
‘The Google map may the best example of the high-tech pet search.

‘”The map was just trying to keep everything straight,” he said. “Holly would get calls saying, ‘Oh yes, we saw the dog. He was here.’ So I started charting.”

‘Mason added pins to mark the location and time of each sighting, along with a description of what Sparky was doing, like when he was spotted near the 14th hole of the Olympic Club Golf Course at 10:30 on a Thursday morning.

‘Mason linked that data to a Facebook page titled Find Sparky Now and offered a $1,000 reward.

‘He also spent about $80 for a feature he hadn’t heard of, called a “post boost.” That’s a sponsored Facebook post that goes to geo-targeted users. So, in Mason’s case, his “help us look for Sparky” went to Facebook users in Daly City and the surrounding 5-mile area.

‘”That turned into 13,000 views,” Mason said, “which led to a total of 32,000 views.”…’

Don’t expect big changes as US Reduces Control of Internet
‘The US government has been gradually reducing its influence over the internet ever since it offloaded domain management responsibilities to ICANN back in the late 1990s, and today it took an important (if mostly symbolic) step toward severing those connections for good. The Department of Commerce has asked ICANN to work on a transition plan that will end American monitoring of the firm, letting it run independently. The only major stipulations are that the resulting system is free of government control, maintains cooperative governance and fosters an open internet. The transition was always going to be in the cards at some point, but the proposal request is a gesture toward an international community worried that a surveillance-happy US has too much say over what happens online.

‘Don’t be too quick to celebrate, though. A big policy change is unlikely, at least in the short term — the Commerce Department has only had limited practical control…’

The Hottest Online Video Service You’ve Never Heard Of
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers with more than 45 million visitors per month. We want to connect gamers around the world by allowing them to broadcast, watch, and chat from everywhere they play.

Chromebooks and education: A perfect match
by Ken Hess
‘I just finished my review of the Dell Chromebook 11 that Dell targets toward the education market, namely teachers and students. I think that Chromebooks, in general, are good choices for schools. They’re lightweight, durable, inexpensive, secure, and fun to use. If you’ve never used a Chromebook, you need to try one.
Why a Chromebook?

‘Chromebooks are inexpensive (usually under $400, many under $300, and a few under $250) laptop-type computers that weigh approximately three pounds (3lbs or 1.36kg) and have a limited, browser-based operating system…’


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