Flight MH370 Makes Search Record

npr-12286663_h28130197_custom-ed510a1d92dd83ba369578c909e63112dca5d7f7-s2-c85Reportedly the Largest In History
‘The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has spawned the largest-ever multinational air-sea search — involving ships, airplanes from at least 14 countries and requests for radar information from as many as 26.

‘The nature of the search, in which such an enormous stretch of the globe is being scoured, is also equally unprecedented, officials say.

‘On Saturday, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that 14 countries, 43 ships and 58 aircraft are looking for the plane…’

New Comedy from Westboro Baptist
Westboro Excommunicated Phelps for Pushing ‘Kinder Approach’
Baptist denominations should disown this church as ‘baptist’
‘A building divided against itself will not stand.’ -Bible
‘Pastor Fred Waldron Phelps Sr. was excommunicated from the Westboro Baptist Church after advocating a kinder approach between church members.

‘The excommunication occurred after the formation of a board of male elders in the church. The board had defeated Shirley Phelps-Roper, the church’s longtime spokeswoman, in a power struggle, and Fred Phelps Sr. called for kinder treatment of fellow church members.

‘The board then ejected Fred Phelps Sr., who founded the church in the 1950s.

‘The power struggle and excommunication was revealed by Nate Phelps, a son of Fred Phelps Sr. who broke away from the church 37 years ago…’

What Led L’Wren Scott to Suicide?
When significant others of superstars commit suicide, it’s always interesting why
L’Wren was only just recovering from ‘self harm’ incident a few weeks earlier

The designer and renowned beauty appeared to be enjoying success
But beneath she suffered from depression and had recently self-harmed
There was speculation she was insecure in relationship with Mick Jagger
The 49-year-old was also reportedly struggling financially
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No Electricity? Off-Grid Stove Makes Cooking A Cinch
‘While I suppose it would be possible to use a rocket stove for heating, that’s really not what they are designed for. The rocket stove produces a lot of heat at the cooking “burner”; it doesn’t really radiate heat like a fireplace or wood burning stove would. This means that they aren’t an efficient heater, even though they are an efficient cooking stove.

‘Nobody really knows the origins of the rocket stove. Dr. Larry Winiarski described the principles in 1982, but in reality the rocket stove is based upon much older designs. The Mexican people, for example, have a stove which they call a “chimnea” which is very similar to a rocket stove, although it does not have a fuel magazine. Interestingly enough, the Spanish word “chimnea” means “chimney.” Nevertheless, even without this magazine, the chimnea works essentially the same as a rocket stove…’
How a Rocket Stove Works


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