Health Activists Jailed

Trudeau's book Natural Cures Updated Edition

Trudeau’s book Natural Cures Updated Edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Natural Cures’ Author Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years Prison
‘Trudeau has been jailed since last November when he was convicted of criminal contempt by jurors for defying a 2004 court order preventing him from running alleged false ads about his book, The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About. After the order, prosecutors said the informercials were run over 32,000 times.

‘Some similar tactics were deployed on Paleo diet blogger, Steve Cooksey, who wrote about his steps towards reversing diabetes. A similar case involving “the morals” of what he was doing was built up against him in an effort to justify jailing and fining him. If you read up on his case, you will see how what prosecutors call ‘dietary advice,’ is to them, not a part of protected free speech…’
So what is it ‘They’ don’t want you to know about what Trudeau’s case really signifies?

If our Founding Fathers were all Christians, why did they say this?
‘Nobody can deny the fact that Christianity has played a huge role in our history. From the first Thanksgiving to the ideas of Jesus Christ that are embroidered in our culture today, Christianity and the Bible is responsible a big part of our heritage.

‘However, many conservatives will take this fact way out of context. They’ll think that you have to be a Christian to be patriotic, which is simply not true. Following the more secular teachings of Jesus Christ (being charitable, loving one another, treating strangers with kindness) is what the men who founded this country were for.

‘I don’t want to waste my time listing all these obscurant far-right arguments, so instead I’ll list the facts straight from our forefathers…’

Are you tired of being spied upon?
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Why this might just be the most significant TED Talk ever posted
‘Andrew and his amazing team at Cognitive fixed the audio issue and turned the entire talk into an animated movie of such imagination, humor and, most of all, explanatory power, it took my breath away.

‘And so here it is. The Long Reach of Reason. A talk in animated dialog form, arguing that Reason is capable of extending its influence across centuries, making it the single most powerful driver of long-term change. Please watch it. A) you’ll be blown away by how it’s animated. B) it may change forever how you think about Reason. And that’s a good thing…’


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