Official Stupidity Everywhere

Let’s ruin a good kid’s life for nothing
Teen jailed for 13 days after EMT kit pocketknife found in his car trunk
His felony trial is coming up
Just when you think you’ve witnessed the ultimate in official stupidity, they outdo themselves – by a mile.

I’m not worried about terrorists. I’m worried about the morons who run the schools, courts and prosecutors offices.  We are doomed.

Some harsh language in my post – for which I make no apologies.

Racism in the Criminal Justice System

Lone Wolf: A farmer like no other
‘Witnessing an agricultural system that rewarded corporate middle men in suits many times over the backbreaking labor of farmers sent Sasaki into a dark well. “I saw the worst side of people in those days,” he says. “I got depressed. I didn’t work, just stayed home, drank, and watched TV.” This went on for six months. “Finally, one day my grandfather brought me a book by Matsushita Konosuke. He said, ‘If you read this and still aren’t motivated, then get out.’”

‘Eleven years later Sasaki might be the most motivated farmer you’ll meet…’

The Holy Grail of Natural Medicine
‘The point is obvious. Still, the FDA, usually so quick to invoke the rather loose and ill-defied “significant scientific agreement” standard, acts as if these studies from around the world never took place. Holy Mother Church of Pharma disowns them.

‘The Holy Grail of Natural Medicine has been found. It is High Potency Hemp Oil™ grown from selected varieties of Cannabis Sativa (the same species that produces marijuana) specifically selected and bred (through natural, not GMO methods) to have very low THCs (the get-you-high compounds) and very high CBDs (the get-you-well compounds).

‘And it is completely legal in the US and many other countries…’


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  1. din1992bay says:

    Weird and amazing!


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