Why a “Startlingly Simple Theory” About the Missing Airliner is Wrong

English: Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flight M...

English: Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flight MH138 docked at Adelaide Airport awaiting departure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it’s sweeping the Internet
‘Goodfellow’s account is emotionally compelling, and it is based on some of the most important facts that have been established so far. And it is simple—to a fault. Take other major findings of the investigation into account, and Goodfellow’s theory falls apart. For one thing, while it’s true that MH370 did turn toward Langkawi and wound up overflying it, whoever was at the controls continued to maneuver after that point as well, turning sharply right at VAMPI waypoint, then left again at GIVAL. Such vigorous navigating would have been impossible for unconscious men.

‘Goodfellow’s theory fails further when one remembers the electronic ping detected by the Inmarsat satellite at 8:11 on the morning of March 8. According to analysis provided by the Malaysian and United States governments, the pings narrowed the location of MH370 at that moment to one of two arcs, one in Central Asia and the other in the southern Indian Ocean…’

These Tiny Satellites Could Have Found the Missing Plane Within Hours
‘A company called Planet Labs is in the process of activating a squadron of tiny satellites that they released from the International Space Station last month. These compact satellites will orbit Earth, snapping images of nearly every inch of our planet. As Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield pointed out, they may have filled the blind spots of the satellites that failed to keep up with the plane after it lost contact.

‘”Just tracking one, thin aluminum tube in a place that isn’t heavily radar covered [is] really hard — virtually impossible,” Hadfield, an experienced pilot himself, told Mashable shortly after his talk at the TED conference in Vancouver on Monday.

‘”It is not a surprise to me at all how easy it is to make something that big disappear. The world is huge.”…’

Did Malaysia Airlines Plane Escape in the ‘Shadow’ of Another Jet?
‘Somebody was up to something. But where did it go? How did it sneak past so many radar systems? One man has a theory that has gotten the attention of scores on Twitter — and spawned a full discussion on Reddit.

‘What if, they are wondering, the plane was able to evade radar detection by flying in the shadow of another jet?

‘That’s the theory — neither slightly proven nor recognized as a possibility by officials conducting the search, to be sure — put forth by a 30-year-old aviation hobbyist, and it’s making the rounds as armchair observers of one of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation seek a plausible explanation.

‘With no new information coming in over 48 hours from the authorities in Malaysia, and plenty of half-baked theories (Aliens! Meteor strike!), this one is worth reading (trust us, we’ve seen lots of them)…’


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