Emotions of Boy Who Learns He’ll Be a Big Brother

mashable-brotherWhat do first kids feel when they learn they’ll finally have a sibling? Watch this amazing video
‘Logan’s reaction is a perfect mix of shock and excitement, from total confusion to near-speechlessness and teary eyes.

‘Since the emotional video was published a few days ago, Logan has started his own Twitter account where fans can follow his journey to becoming an older brother. He has wasted no time, sharing doctor’s appointment updates and potential names for his future sibling…’
On the other side, my nephew and niece cried when they learned their to-be-born sibling died in womb. I just hope there’s no bad psy effect.

The crisis of modern parenting
‘Jennifer Senior quotes psychologist Matthew Killingsworth about parenting today: “Interacting with your friends is better than interacting with your spouse, which is better than interacting with other relatives, which is better than interacting with acquaintances, with is better than interacting with parents, which is better than interacting with children. … Who are on par with strangers.”

‘Senior believes there is something unique about parenting today. Things are changing so quickly, and there simply is no script. First, historically kids were an economic asset. Parents provided food and shelter, and children worked to bring home money. “The old arrangement may not have been ethical, but it was reciprocal,” says Senior. Today with children in school instead of at work, they are in one sociologist’s cynical words, “Economically worthless but emotionally priceless.”…’

Jeff Weiner is CEO of the year
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg loses top spot
I was rooting for Weiner or TED’s Jamie Oliver so Weiner deserves the win
‘Career website Glassdoor today released its latest report highlighting 2014′s top 50 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), and once again the tech world played a big role in the list. In fact, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has unseated Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from the number one spot he grabbed last year from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

‘Glassdoor compiled its figures based on company reviews submitted by employees between February 1, 2013 and January 31, 2014. Last year, LinkedIn didn’t even make the list. This year, Weiner received a 100 percent approval rating. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg saw his CEO approval rating drop 6 percentage points to 93 percent, putting him in #9 overall (#4 in tech)…’

Celebrate Twitter’s 8th Anniversary by Looking up Anyone’s 1st Tweet
‘In March, 2006, Twitter launched its micro-blogging platform. Eight years later, millions of users are using the service to send 140-character stories about news, cats, and even art. To celebrate, Twitter is inviting all users to discover #FirstTweet – from any users. It’s a fun way to time-travel…’


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