NSA Circa 130 AD

How do the FBI and Secret Service know your network has been breached before you do?
‘The agencies do the one thing companies don’t do. They attack the problem from the other end by looking for evidence that a crime has been committed. Agents go undercover in criminal forums where stolen payment cards, customer data and propriety information are sold. They monitor suspects and sometimes get court permission to break into password-protected enclaves where cyber-criminals lurk. They have informants, they do interviews with people already incarcerated for cybercrime, and they see clues in the massive data dumps of information stolen from companies whose networks have been breached…’

A Superhero Tool Belt For The Modern Protestor [Pics]
Here’s one for the hyperactive activist
‘The B.Super brand sprang from Clarkson’s idea of transforming the average protestor into a superhero, hoping that the tools will “allow you to hope for the best, yet be equipped for the worst.”

‘Each tool comes in a brown paper bag with a minimalist outline drawing of its contents, which is also labeled according to the item’s unique purpose and a color strip to indicate the item’s color.

‘There is a lemon juicer/dispenser named ‘relieve’ that counteracts the burning of pepper spray in case any gets in your eyes. ‘Breath’ is a respirator mask. ‘Disguise’ is a fake moustache kit to help you elude authorities (perhaps by blending in with a group of hipsters). ‘Hide’ is an identity securing system in the form of a mask. ‘Declare’ is a rewritable roll-out fabric sign with its own red marker to help you display whatever passionate words come to mind. Naturally there is duct tape, which is named ‘repair.’ The starter kit, called ‘empower,’ comes with the belt and three tools…’

A Messaging App For When There’s No Internet
‘If FireChat sounds like an app that promotes fireside chatter, it’s because that’s essentially what it does. Created by Open Garden, the app takes advantage of the Multipeer Connectivity Framework embedded in iOS7. The mesh network allows the app to connect nearby phones – even when there’s no internet.

‘So, the next time you are in the mood to send a message, and there’s no wireless, just enable the “Nearby Chat” mode. If they are within 30 feet of another user, the app will start sending messages from one device to the next – creating a chain of linked messengers out of smartphones. This is good for ad-hoc walkie-talkie action, sports arenas, music concerts, Burning Man, or even if you’re in a natural disaster and there’s no reliable service…’


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