‘Cyber Hijacking’ and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

A portion of the fuselage of United Airlines F...

A portion of the fuselage of United Airlines Flight 175 on the roof of WTC 5. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘…The MSM’s recent “cyber hijacking” presentation of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as a “World First” or, in any way, some kind of “newfangled” technology is as bogus as a $3 bill – and of course, it brings us full circle to the uncanny precision, with which United Flight 175 made a rapid descent, turned sharply and made a perfect 20-degree bank into the corner of WTC #2.

‘A plastic-box-cutter-wielding non-professional could have never pulled off such a maneuver, let alone would the majority of the most ultimately-experienced of commercial airliner pilots: A computer did it!

‘As 9/11 researcher Aidan Monahan states, this 20-degree bank began a mile and a half before the plane struck the building, which would have necessitated extreme precision, for the initiation of this 20-degree bank at the correct time, in a plane traveling at a speed of 799 feet per second – because one second off would have meant that the plane would have missed the building, entirely…’
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Growing up homeless in suburbia
‘…At her high school in rural Maine, Sabrina Gilpatrick is a normal student. She likes her classes, does theater and has some good friends. But after the bell rings, when her peers are driving their cars back home, Gilpatrick takes a school-provided cab to a youth homeless shelter the next town over.

‘Gilpatrick is one of more than 1.1 million homeless students in the United States, according to a tally by the National Center for Homeless Education. Homelessness is often treated as an urban problem, even though less than half of all homeless people live in big cities. As a result, teens like Gilpatrick are less likely to be counted, and noticed…’

Is Putin’s Russia Scarier than the Former Soviet Union?
Chart below has some answers
‘…It’s true that Russia was once the West’s greatest geopolitical foe, and it’s still seen that way by many (including some presidential candidates). But no matter what we think of the recent actions of Putin’s Russia, should we really treat it with the same fear we once reserved for the Soviet Union?…’
Here’s what the numbers say

Was Costco Right in Dumping $2.6m Worth of peanut butter?
The irony is that Costco is known for its free lunches
‘…After extensive testing, Costco agreed to a court order authorizing a bankruptcy trustee to sell it the peanut butter. But after getting eight loads, Costco rejected it as “not merchantable” because of leaky peanut oil.

‘The trustee, Clarke Coll, said “all parties agreed there’s nothing wrong with the peanut butter from a health and safety issue,” but court records show that on a 19 March conference call Costco said “it would not agree to any disposition … other than destruction.”

‘So instead of selling or donating the peanut butter, with a value estimated at $2.6m, the estate is paying about $60,000 to transport 950,000 jars – or about 25 tons – to the Curry County landfill in Clovis, where public works director Clint Bunch says it “will go in with our regular waste and covered with dirt”…’


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3 Responses to ‘Cyber Hijacking’ and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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  2. IzaakMak says:

    Poch, I’ve heard so many crazy theories about flight 370 that I keep expecting someone to claim it was snatched from the sky by aliens. But ‘Cyber Hijacking’ is a theory just realistic enough for the idiots to run hog-wild with it. Good grief! Will this nightmare never end?!?! O_o


    • DigitalPlato says:

      Hey Mak!! You’re back by Jack (I mean Jove)!
      Someone already theorized it was hijacked by a UFO but at least not claimed. And actually, that is what I think most possible. Of course this issue will not stop until there’s evidence that the plane was found.
      Great to see you again great buddy!


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