Sleep Hacking Reverse

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington (Photo credit: mikedarnell1974)

When I tried sleep hacking to lessen sleep time, I think I succeeded. But these past few months, I’m doubting its usefulness since I wake up at specific times even though I planned to sleep unlimited. I feel like I’m now lacking sleep waking up automatically without intending to. So I think I have to agree with Huffington and Sandberg

Huffington, Sandberg say Sleep Your Way to Success
‘Arianna Huffington said that society places too much emphasis on wealth and power as defining characteristics of success, and that this is literally killing us.

‘”We can never shrink ourselves down to our to-do list,” she said.

‘Throughout the discussion, moderated by Sandberg, the one point the two kept coming back to was the importance of getting enough sleep. In between jokes about “sleeping your way to the top,” the pair continually emphasized the hazards of being overworked and exhausted.

‘”For many years the way I thought that I would get everything done was to get less sleep,” Sandberg said. The Facebook COO said she has taken Huffington’s advice to heart; she now makes a conscious effort to not only sleep more, but to spend at least five minutes a day meditating, even though “it’s really hard.”…’

Can charisma really be taught?
The Charm Hacker
Olivia Fox Cabane says she can make anyone more likable—for a price
‘…Popularity and power are the birthright of the naturally charismatic.

‘But Olivia wasn’t born with it. She is, and has always been, an introvert. As a teenager she was a high-school outcast—the kind of kid who sits silently, then says too much, and at the wrong time. She has an engineer’s mind and an occasionally clumsy grasp of social nuance. It took her years to learn how to be a good host, and to do so she had to seek out the science of charisma. She had to assemble tools and tricks that could transform a shy teenager into a socialite. She had to reverse-engineer the intangible. Now she earns a six-figure salary by teaching others how she did it.

‘Olivia’s clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, human resource managers, heirs to international fortunes, and the executive directors of major charitable organizations…’

The Power of Outrospection for Empathy
‘Outrospection’ sounds oxymoronic but not when used to learn or practice empathy
‘Philosopher and author Roman Krznaric explains how we can help drive social change by stepping outside of ourselves. As he says, “Introspection is out, and outrospection is in.”

‘One may not agree with every example he cites (I’m thinking, specifically of the example about “Climate Change”) – but there can be no doubt that this talk, accompanied by the RSA’s inimitably-amusing, on-the-fly cartoons will make you a better person, in just 10 minutes!…’
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