Baptist School Kicks out Boyish-looking Girl that hyper-hypocrisy. Easy to guess that they want to kick out all ‘ugly’ pupils but can’t
Virginia Christian school forces eight-year-old girl to leave because she looks too much like a boy. She was told her appearance didn’t line up with “biblical standards.”

‘Surprised no one’s mentioned this, but a Christian school in Virginia is in the spotlight after all but forcing an eight-year-old student to leave because she looks like a boy.  Eight-year-old Sunnie Kahle has had her hair cut short since she was five years old, and makes no secret she’s a tomboy.  Well, Sunnie’s appearance didn’t sit too well with administrators at Timberlake Christian School in Forest, near Lynchburg.  Last month, her grandparents pulled her out of school after she was told her appearance didn’t line up with “biblical standards.”…’

These U.S. Colleges and Majors Are the Biggest Waste of Money
‘Here are the eleven schools in PayScale’s data with a 20-year net return worse than negative-$30,000. In other words: these are the schools where PayScale determined that not going to college is at least $30,000 more valuable than taking the time to pay for and graduate from one of these schools.
(see chart on website link)
‘It gets worse. The self-reported earnings of art majors from Murray State are so low that after two decades, a typical high school grad will have out-earned them by nearly $200,000. Here are the degrees (i.e.: specific majors at specific schools) with the lowest 20-year net return, according to PayScale. They are all public schools: Bold names are for in-state students…’

Will the Millennials Will Be Our Greatest Generation?
‘…The current crop of young people, the millennials (hatched roughly 1982 to 2004), show all the signs of becoming the greatest generation in human history, surpassing the legendary minds of the Renaissance, or the American Revolution or Brokaw’s esteemed and very worthy WWII America.

‘I’m simply stating what I’ve found, in teaching them, coaching them and working alongside the sassy little punks: They stand to become the greatest generation we’ve ever seen.

‘They are inherently more adaptive, they are idealistic, they are tolerant of differences…’

Who is the REAL Power Behind the Banksters?
‘…The golden nugget (pardon the pun) is her quite far-out allegation that there is a separate race of humans on Earth, who she
refers to as “Homo capensis”, a large-headed hominid who had a global civilization prior to the end of the last Ice Age – whose brain capacity far exceeds those of Homo sapiens, enabling them to be the actual rulers of planet Earth.

‘Of course, something along the lines of this concept; a true “eminence grise” (a French term, which signifies the “real power behind the throne”), that is totally a secret and somehow “alien” has been a standard meme in Conspiracyville, at least since the mid-20th century…’
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