Should US States Back Out Of DepEd Common Core ?

Common Core - Coring Out Your Child's Brain
Or Should US Amend the Set of National Standards? Actually, should there be a set of international standards?
Indiana Becomes First State To Back Out Of Common Core
‘With the stroke of Gov. Mike Pence’s pen, Indiana became the first state to back off implementing a set of national standards for grade-school education.

‘The standards, known as Common Core, had been adopted by 45 states, but have lately unleashed a political fight that blurs party lines.

‘Pence signed a law on Monday that requires Indiana to come up with its own academic standards…’

The Latest in Online Learning [Video]
Anant Agrawal is the president of edX, an online learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT
‘”So our thinking there is that edX has a services team,” he says. “We’re also looking for funding from philanthropists and other foundations that might be able to provide the funding for these courses.”

‘Even if the digital classroom continues to catch on, there are obvious limitations to online learning. “In chemistry, it is hard to capture the smell.  But you can certainly look at color and some of the other compositional issues as you titrate different chemicals in various quantities and so on,” says Agrawal…’

Play 2 Truths and a Lie
A good way to recognize artists of deception
‘The bonding exercise typically plays out around a campfire with friends or as an ice breaker on the first day of class, and allows participants to recognize artists of deception.

‘This nerve-wracking video rendition of the game, by director James Coulson, shows a series of people delivering confessions about themselves while staring directly into the camera. As the video progresses, the confession frequency increases and become more absurd as the droning noise floor of fluorescent lighting rises…’

3 Epic Pun Contests
And A Few Of Their Winning Entries
A pun is the lowest form of humor … when you don’t think of it first.”— Oscar Levant

‘Wordplay is sadly pun-derrated. However, if you like coming up with groan-inducing quips, why not try taking your talents to the next level? Here are three of the world’s greatest punster contests, along with some of the one-liners that’ve helped the winners earn their trophies. Jest be careful using these in real life…’

The Best Of Literary Sentences
‘Have you ever had a sentence stop you in your tracks? Editors at The American Scholar magazine have put out their list of the “” in fiction and nonfiction. Associate editor Margaret Foster says the inspiration came from water cooler talk around the office.

‘Foster has thought a lot about what makes a sentence powerful — parallel sentence structures and the use of repetition.

‘”But it is, in the end, very subjective,” she says. “I mean, who are we to say what the best sentence in The Great Gatsby is?”

‘That book, by the way, made the list with this sentence…’


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