A Great Story of Website Hijacking

ramshackleglam-HEADER_RGThe Hijacking and Retaking of Ramshackle Glam

Why you should not ignore spam mail
“I’m writing this post because this incident made me very, very angry at GoDaddy and HostMonster. And I want you to know why.”
How would you react if you learn that you don’t own your website anymore and that it is being sold by a thief?
Blogger Jordan Reid Pulls Off $30,000 Sting to Get Her Stolen Site Back

‘Suddenly, I remembered the email I had gotten the day before – an email that I had disregarded as spam – from someone “interested in the purchase” of my “weblog”. I remembered the notification from YouTube that someone had accessed my account from a different location – a notification I had ignored, assuming that I had logged in on a mobile device or that my husband had accidentally logged into my account instead of his own.

‘But even after I saw the listing, I didn’t panic: this seemed like something that could be fixed with a couple of emails. Except the auction site was located in Australia and didn’t appear to have a phone number,…’
What you can do to reduce the chances that this will happen to you:

Who Is the Average Gmail User?
I have always wondered why many netizens don’t use the probably most useful free email service
‘…Google will occasionally share background data, but does not share specific statistics about its users (when reached by Mashable, Google reps declined to share metric data, or say why they release data so infrequently).

‘With information culled from email analytics companies such as Litmus and MailChimp, and data company Statista, we put together a rundown of who the average Gmail user is…’
1. Mobile is the most popular way to check Gmail
(And mobile is the most popular websurfing tool to boot)

Should I Always Let Windows Scan and Fix My USB Drive?
Why Windows Always Ask to Scan and Fix Your USB Drive
‘…When you plug the drive back in, Windows knows if you didn’t eject it properly the last time (because the file system flag that indicates proper unmounting isn’t set) and it yells at you. The other reason it gives you the warning is because there is corruption within or damage to the file system on the removable drive. This isn’t a Windows-only thing, by the way; it’s bad practice to skip unmounting removable media when using other operating systems, too.

‘So what should you do? You should definitely follow the prompt and scan your removable media. When you click on the prompt to do so Windows launches the CHDSK application in the background and scans the disk…’

A TV Guide For Viral Internet Videos
Pluto.TV lets you watch all the best internet clips in one place. The Pluto.tv app is free for iOS and Android devices
‘Founded by Nick Grouf, Tom Ryan, and Ilya Pozin, Pluto.tv is a website and app that brings the traditional TV format to internet video and it’s reflected in how the site is formatted. Users can browse through a numbered channel guide below the main video feed. They can also click on the “All Channels” button on top of the page to see them organized in categories like Music, News & Info, Entertainment, Sports, and Comedy…’


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