Bomber’s Clock Error Blows in his Face Learns Hard Way to Use Clock Right

Gangster might have forgotten about the Daylight Saving Time change lol

‘A blundering bomber was being hunted last night after a powerful device he attached to a car exploded in his face.

‘The injured criminal fled the scene in Dublin “dripping in blood” on Sunday night after the device went off early. It had been attached to a Volvo SUV belonging to a local businessman.

‘One of the theories is the suspect forgot about the clocks changing.

‘A source said: “It would appear that the bomber got his timings wrong. It could be a case where he didn’t put his watch forward on Sunday [at 1am] and the timer went off too soon.”…’

Hospital Freezes Grandma Alive
Family sues hospital
‘…When morticians received her body a few days later, they found her body facedown, with her nose broken and cuts and bruises to her face, injuries so severe they could not be covered up by make-up, according to court papers.

‘Arroyo’s husband and eight children initially sued the hospital alleging the body had been mishandled after her death. But during litigation, a pathologist who reviewed Arroyo’s injuries concluded the injuries most likely occurred while she was still alive – that she had been “frozen alive,” “eventually woke up” and “damaged her face and turned herself face down as she struggled unsuccessfully to escape her frozen tomb,” according court records…’

Goodwill and 1812 Heirloom Bible Reunites Family
‘…When Denver Goodwill employees discovered it, they found an inscription inside the tome, beginning in elegant black script, “Wm Burbidge, Long Bucky, Northhamptonshire, born May 20th 1812, Died August 9th 1882,” and ending with “Grace Ann Burbidge, Born July 31st 1854, Died 12th May 1932.”

‘When Goodwill’s Chief People Office Joyce Schlose, a genealogy enthusiast, heard about the discovery from Goodwill’s CEO, she knew she had to find the family.

‘Her online search led her to descendant Roy Evans of Denville, New Jersey…’

Another dumb criminal
Killer’s Blunder: He Left Toilet Seat Up
Which led cops to his fingerprints on handle
‘When Sgt. Darryl Mallard arrived at the scene of Mary Greco’s murder, he saw a blanket that her killer had draped over the retired nun’s body. He noticed coffee mugs and glassware in the kitchen of her Stanford Street home. The veteran cop spotted something in the bathroom.

‘The toilet seat was up.

‘The 82-year-old woman lived alone. Perhaps, Mallard hypothesized, the killer was a man who also used her bathroom.

‘Fingerprints lifted from the toilet’s handle matched those of Michael Briggs, a 38-year-old robber on parole…’

Thousands of artifacts taken from Indiana mystery man
‘FBI agents Wednesday removed “thousands” of cultural artifacts, including American Indian items, from the private collection of a 91-year-old Rush County man who had acquired them over the past eight decades.

‘An FBI command vehicle and several tents were spotted at the property in rural Waldron, about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

‘However, the FBI was careful not to say whether they believed the man, Don Miller, had knowingly broken any laws. The FBI’s aim is to catalog the artifacts and return them to their countries of origin…’


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