Fingerprinting Almost Like DNA Testing Now can reveal gender, drug use, what was recently eaten
‘Police departments around the world have been using fingerprint analysis to identify suspects since the late nineteenth century, but even today’s modern technology can’t reconstruct a smudged print. The patterns of ridges are also of little use when the suspect isn’t in the database. A pilot study in the UK has the potential to gather a huge amount of new information from a simple fingerprint — from gender to what the suspect had for lunch.

‘The research is being conducted by scientists at Sheffield Hallam University, working closely with West Yorkshire Police. They aren’t interested in the pattern of swirls and arches in the print, but what substances might have been on the suspect’s fingers when the print was left. Even tiny traces of proteins and pharmacological compounds can be identified in the team’s mass spectrometer…’

A messaging app that lets you lead or read a public text conversation
My current favs are TED Conversations and LinkedIn chats. I wonder if Tawkers can beat one or both
How does it work?
Click the “Start A Tawk” button to begin the quick and easy process of leading your own Tawk. From there, you’ll be shown how to invite your co-host, choose a start time and give your Tawk a title. As soon as your co-host accepts your invitation, both of you can share out the link to friends, followers and fans from across social networks, inviting them to come join the audience. The crowd gathers in a separate audience Forum where they can comment on the main conversation taking place between the two Hosts. At any time, Hosts have the power to “Spotlight” an audience comment, which threads it into their two-way chat and allows them to respond in front of everyone.
Mission Statement

Apply for Jobs Online Anonymously
“Hire My Friend” Uses Anonymous Profiles To Cut Recruiters Out
‘Get headhunted anonymously based off the recommendations of your own friends
Searching for a job can be a long and arduous process, especially when you don’t want your current place of employment to know you’re seeking out greener pastures. However, one London-based company has just made it a whole lot easier.

‘Makeshift‘s latest invention is Hire My Friend, a service that invites people to create an anonymous profile, listing their skills and specifying the kinds of jobs they are looking for. Users can then request tweets and endorsements from their Twitter friends, which will move them up in the candidate list…’

Windows Sells XP Support…to Governments!
Government signs £5.5m Microsoft deal to extend Windows XP support
‘The UK government has signed a deal with Microsoft to provide Windows XP support and security updates across the whole UK public sector for 12 months after regular support for the operating system ends on 8 April.

‘The agreement is worth £5.548m, and covers critical and important security updates for Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003, all of which have reached end of life in Microsoft’s normal product cycles…’

Windows XP still going strong despite looming end of support deadline


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