When the Internet Crashes (It Can!) [Video]

telegraph.co-cicada_2743132bWhat are your scenarios when that happens?
‘Insights from a guy who has been on the Internet since you could list all the users in a small booklet.
Is there a Plan B if the Internet goes down for an extended period of time? No there isn’t…’

My worst-case scenario is the economic crash that would surely ensue immediately. Imagine the size of New York and its corporate economy—federal economy not included

How New York’s Tech Scene Has Infiltrated The City’s Entire Economy
‘A new study led by HR&A; Advisors uncovers how engrained tech has become in the ecosystem of modern day New York. The Internet, mobile technologies, social media, and big data have created thousands of new startups, and also reshaped the face of traditional industry within the city.

‘The benefits of tech aren’t just on a personal level either; the NYC environment generated $125 billion in additional spending, which amounted to annual tax revenues of $5.6 billion in 2013. That tallies up to 12.3% of the total tax revenue for that year – a huge proportion of the money fed back into the government…’ psfk

When and if the Net crashes, all those online business transactions will stop. Doing all those work manually would be like everyone sending snail mail to everyone. Business virtually stops.

‘The fact is the world runs on software and software and is subject to attack. The Internet, which we’ve come to depend on, is full of vulnerabilities.

‘One of the big risks is that we know the parts, but we don’t really know how the whole thing works as an “emergent system.”

‘What’s an “emergent system”: think the weather.

‘This is not a crank. He got his PhD from MIT and holds over 150 U.S. patents.

‘Danny pioneered the idea of parallel computers that is now the foundation for supercomputing, and RAID disk array technology that all large databases depend on…’

Beware of Getting your DNA Analyzed
‘s story:
I had my DNA analyzed, and all I got was this lousy story
‘“They think it’s better not to know, because it’s difficult to change the lifestyles. They say that geneticists are similar to fortune tellers.”

‘I asked Gentle CEO Peter Schols about all of this, and he did not mince words.

‘“First of all, I’d like to apologize for the consultation which apparently did not go as expected. It’s one of the few aspects of Gentle we don’t take care of ourselves,” he wrote. “We work with Royal Doctors, an independent company represented in about 40 countries to recruit medical doctors. It was Dr. [Özgön]’s first counseling session for Gentle. We had a teleconference with her last Friday, which went quite well. However, she told me the session took only 20 minutes, while our contract says it should take at least 40 minutes. So things clearly did not go as agreed with her.”

‘Schols later added: “In the meantime, we have decided to no longer work with this doctor. We’ll rectify all this in the upcoming counseling session with our geneticist,” offering to give me a second chance with one of the company’s own genetics staff…’


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