CIA Prop-Crisis Actor Caught

Malaysia Plane Lasting MysteryA plea for South-east Asians:
‘I am now pleading with all subscribers and visitors who are living in the Far East and in South Asia, to share local news reports, for me to see *how* this story is being presented in your countries.
Maybe by working together, outside of the news system, we can get to the bottom of what has happened – and what may still be happening – to the passengers, crew and equipment of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

‘I maintain that much about what you’ve heard in the mainstream media about Malaysia Flight 370 is a lie and much about it online is false, as well.

‘In turn, it is also quite possible that some of what I have passed along to you has unwittingly included false information about this mystery – as I’ve alerted you, all along.

‘Please know that I am not asking or telling you to *believe* this report but yes, to store it in your arsenal, to be used to get to the bottom of this international, criminal fraud that is daily being perpetrated against everybody and anybody who watches the mainstream news – to say nothing about the unthinkable suffering of the passengers, crew and their families!…’
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Diego Garcia: Source of Purported Philip Wood Photo Revealed to be From 4Chan; Likely a Hoax

Why alcohol and cold temperatures can be a deadly combination
Hiker Loses Car Keys, Dies of Exposure
If Hadley Boberg had her cellphone with her, she might have been saved. Where was her cellphone if she brought it?

‘”According to a Weather Underground station posted in Provo Canyon, temperatures dipped to 25 degrees overnight Wednesday into early morning Thursday,” said meteorologist Chrissy Warrilow. “In addition to the cold temperatures, winds blowing from the west gusted to near 20 mph that night, further creating a dangerously cold situation for someone not properly prepared for the elements.”

‘Authorities found Boberg’s body Thursday morning after her parents reported her missing. They also found the man wandering in the area. The man was evasive and seemed confused during interviews with detectives. That, coupled with the scratches and cuts he had led them to initially label it a suspicious death.

‘But an autopsy report showed the cause of death was alcohol and exposure to the cold, and authorities now believe it was a tragic accident…’

Monsanto Protests Scheduled in 36 countries
‘…“Here in America you don’t get the right to know whether you’re eating genetically modified organisms<,” award-winning music performer Dave Matthews says in a video for the march that has been uploaded to the Web. Comedian Bill Maher and actor Danny DeVito also appeared in the clip to plead with people around the world to rally against GMO companies.

‘But even as the anti-Monsanto movement increases in intensity, the company itself continues to generate record-setting profits. In April the company announced a 22 percent increase in net profits, and representatives for the companies said they expect to see that trend continue…’

The Crucial First Steps In Building Your New Homestead
‘…The initial stage of homestead development is a great time to get to know your neighbors. Most people consider their homestead to be private and they usually don’t care much for people, vehicles or animals trespassing on their land without permission. Because of this it is not proper to enter someone else’s gate and walk up to their home for introductions. It is best to find your neighbors out on their land near a fence line. Although some homesteaders are very private people, others are very friendly and willing to offer advice and even a helping hand. Above all, it is best to have a good plan in place, but to remain flexible. Change happens quite often on a homestead and the landowner must be prepared to tackle each new challenge as it arrives…’


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