Should Unethical People be Allowed to use Mobile Phones?

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Using mobiles is just like using Twitter. It could lead to conflict in romantic relationships, which in turn leads to other relationship issues like emotional or physical cheating, breakup, and even divorce. That is if the users are without etiquette and politically incorrect. I have witnessed quarrels and break-ups—even violent ones—because of stupid barbaric use of mobiles, and continue to do so

Active Twitter Use Could Lead to Divorce and Infidelity
‘Twitter was originally created to help people feel more connected. The irony? Actively using the service may spell trouble for users’ actual relationships.

‘New research from the University of Missouri found that active Twitter users are more likely to experience Twitter-related conflict in their romantic relationships, which in turn leads to other relationship issues like emotional or physical cheating, breakup, and even divorce…’

Microsoft Finally Ends Support for Windows XP
‘Launched on October 25, 2001, Windows XP is one of the most successful Microsoft products ever; its successor, Windows Vista, was quickly replaced with Windows 7, and it took as long as September 2012 for Windows 7 to overtake XP as the most popular desktop operating system.

‘What does it mean for the end user? Simply put, you can continue to use Windows XP and Office 2003, but as time goes on, they will be more and more vulnerable to malware and other security risks…’

If you block ads, then websites may block you, warned advertising exec
I don’t block ads from legitimate sites but I block tracking cookies on all. I experience what this article say all the same—blocking content with an error message or a paywall

‘Adblock Plus wants you to sign its acceptable ads manifesto, but general counsel for a large advertising bureau called it a ransom before warning if you continue to block ads then websites may block you from accessing their content.

‘While it’s mostly tech-savvy surfers who install Adblock Plus browser plug-in, an advertising bureau suggested that websites will fight ad-blocking by blocking the content with an error message or a paywall if you use an ad blocker.

‘”Advertising is the economic engine that drives the Internet and gives us free websites and great content,” but as click-through rates decline, ads get more annoying in order to grab surfers’ attention. Eyeo, the creators of Adblock Plus, wrote…’


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