A Giant Leap to Reverting to Youth

English: Micrograph of the thymus showing a th...

English: Micrograph of the thymus showing a thymic corpuscle (Hassall’s corpuscle). H&E stain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientists at Edinburgh University have successfully persuaded an organ to regenerate inside an animal
‘…We demonstrate that the regenerated organ closely resembles the juvenile thymus in terms of architecture and gene expression profile, and further show that this FOXN1-mediated regeneration stems from an enlarged TEC compartment, rebuilt from progenitor TECs. Collectively, our data establish that upregulation of a single transcription factor can substantially reverse age-related thymic involution, identifying FOXN1 as a specific target for improving thymus function and, thus, immune competence in patients. More widely, they demonstrate that organ regeneration in an aged mammal can be directed by manipulation of a single transcription factor, providing a provocative paradigm that may be of broad impact for regenerative biology…’

Real Reason Why On-line Gamers Get Violent
Frustration with own competence, not violent content, is the cause
A new study published in the March edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates that a gamer’s experience of a video game and not the content of the game itself can give rise to violent behavior.

‘…Seven studies, using multiple methods to manipulate player competence and a range of approaches for evaluating aggression, indicated that competence-impeding play led to higher levels of aggressive feelings, easier access to aggressive thoughts, and a greater likelihood of enacting aggressive behavior. Results indicated that player perceived competence was positively related to gaming motivation, a factor that was, in turn, negatively associated with player aggression. Overall, this pattern of effects was found to be independent of the presence or absence of violent game contents. We discuss the results in respect to research focused on psychological need frustration and satisfaction and as they regard gaming-related aggression literature…’

Will you send your phone contacts anonymous messages
You can do that with the app Truth. But would it be ethical?
Truth is an anonymous messaging app that sends private missives to people on your contacts list. It’s incognito one-on-one messaging between friends.

Just for fun
Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd for $1?
Most women answered ‘yes’!
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/1XP5zczzJwY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


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