Flight 370: Fighter Jets, Not UFOs

English: Four F-16 fighter jets flying over th...
Fighter Jets Seen Escorting Plane Matching Its Description
So that is why the UFO theories stopped
‘Despite the eerie calm evinced by Philip Wood’s longtime girlfriend, Sarah Bajc, fresh out of a meeting in Kuala Lumpur, among relatives of those missing from Flight 370 with representatives of the Malaysian government, I’ve determined that it is highly unlikely that Bajc is a Crisis Actor herself,…

‘…She goes onto to re-iterate that, “I refuse to believe that the Malaysian military would ignore an unidentified 777 in their airspace,” for “30-45 minutes”. She goes on to describe the statements made by one Malaysian family member who reported that there were fighter jets seen escorting a plane matching Flight 370’s description, which Sarah Bajc says, “Makes a lot more sense than a flight being ignored by the military, so I think we have to have a better view into where that plane ultimately went – and who’s got it, now.”…’
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The Congress Bills Name Game [Video]
‘Abby Martin, the reporter who didn’t leave RT, talks about the fraud that is US Congress. The names for the bills they pass are Orwellian.

‘By the way, Russia Today has been called a propaganda tool for Russia. What’s more remarkable is that there seems to be only one news channel that regularly and reliable reports on what’s going on in the US – and it’s Russian owned…’
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Review of 1997 Murder and a Cigarette Butt Solves Case
‘…During the original investigation, no one, including Oklahoma investigators, had been able to find a “hit” in their systems for the prints, officials said.

‘But with recent improvements in the searchability and accuracy of the FBI’s national fingerprint database, Hirschman and her colleagues had been going through their old files again since October, hoping for new hits.

‘They recently came across Amber’s file. When Hirschman called a counterpart in the Wisconsin Department of Justice at the end of February to confirm that the case was still unsolved, he promised to buy Hirschman dinner if she got a hit on the old fingerprints, Hirschman told the Los Angeles Times.

‘The next day, she called her Wisconsin counterpart to say that she’d gotten a hit for the fingerprints in the FBI’s national database for a James P. Eaton…’

9-year-old boy steals car to avoid going to school
And the boy could really drive!
‘A 9-year-old Miami Gardens boy was arrested and charged Tuesday with aggravated assault and grand theft auto after stealing his mother’s car because he didn’t want to go to school.

‘Before taking off with the car keys about 8:15 Tuesday morning, the child threw a brick at his mother and grandmother, said Miami Gardens police spokesman Michael Wright.

‘“He took his mom’s keys,” Wright said. “He didn’t want to go to school today.”

‘According to Wright, the child took the car from a home in the 2800 block of Northwest 171st Terrace, then drove around for about 45 minutes. Police caught up to him at Northwest 167th Street and 22nd Avenue, and he pulled over…’
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