4 Password Change Requests to Block Heartbleed

That’s how many I received so far from just one email service. I didn’t ignore the one from an email provider (and will not ignore others). You shouldn’t too
U.S. Regulators Warn Banks About Heartbleed Bug
‘U.S. financial regulators expect banks to patch their systems to protect against the Heartbleed security bug, according to an alert sent to banks Thursday.

‘The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) warned that the bug could have exposed their networks to hackers, and saying they needed to patch their encryption software and “strongly consider” requiring their users to change their passwords, according to The Wall Street Journal…’

Programmer Behind Heartbleed Says It Was an Accident
‘The Internet bug known as Heartbleed was introduced to the world on New Year’s Eve in December 2011. Now, one of the people involved is sharing his side of the story.

‘Programmer Robin Seggelmann says he wrote the code for the part of OpenSSL that led to Heartbleed. But it was an accident. He submitted the code to the OpenSSL project and other members reviewed it. Seggelmann later added another piece of code for a new feature, which the members then added. It was this added feature that introduced the bug…’

What specific changes is ACEP looking for from Wikipedia?

ACEP is Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
‘On a related note, much of the description on the Emotional Freedom Techniques Wikipedia page is clearly biased from a “skeptic” point of view. Again, the editor has full control of the description and certainly does not present a neutral point of view (breaking Wikipedia’s neutrality policy). Wikipedia needs to change their rules so that this is not allowed to happen.

‘We recognize that some people make inappropriate claims about various alternative approaches to health care. We encourage our members and others to make ethical claims that are based on the evidence. We understand Wikipedia’s concern about unsubstantiated claims. But in their zeal to unmask charlatans, Wikipedia has gone too far. They are not letting the facts speak for themselves. We would be happy to have a reasoned, fact-based conversation with Wikipedia about energy psychology, whenever they are ready…’
Here are some examples from the Emotional Freedom Techniques page

5 Rad College Courses Inspired by the Internet
Mashable actually lists 8. I discarded the one called ‘The Sociology of Miley’ and 2 others.
Guess what the other 2 are


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