The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

simonsfoundation-Eciton7j-Alex-Wild-WebBridge made with their own bodies
They have only a few simple rules for building complex structures
‘…The researchers discovered three main rules: The ants picked up grains at a constant rate, approximately 2 grains per minute; they preferred to drop them near other grains, forming a pillar; and they tended to choose grains previously handled by other ants, probably because of marking by a chemical pheromone.

‘The researchers used these three rules to build a computer model that mimicked the nest-building behavior. In the model, virtual ants moved randomly around a three dimensional space, picking up pieces of virtual sand soaked in a virtual pheromone. The model ants created pillars that looked just like those made by their biological counterparts. The researchers could alter the pillars’ layout by changing how quickly the pheromone evaporates, which could explain why different environmental conditions, such as heat and humidity, influence the structure of ant nests. (They published a preliminary version of the model in a conference report in 2011 but haven’t yet published the more refined version, which better mimics real ants.)…’

The Johammer Electric Motorcycle
Can you beat an oil crisis better than with an electric bike that goes 200 km
‘Apart from the bike’s utterly bizarre retro-futuristic styling, a few other things are immediately striking. It doesn’t have a traditional dash, opting instead to integrate the speedo and charge indicator into a panel on the mirrors (I shudder to think what they’d cost to replace when it falls over!).

‘But the big ticket item is the fantastic battery range. Fitted with a beefy 12.7 kWh battery stack, the Johammer joins the Zero S ZF11.4 among the first electric bikes to boast a 200 km (124 mi) range when fully charged. That’s a significant psychological number for bikers, because 200 km is a decent fuel range for a petrol-powered bike…’

Buy Security Updates for Windows XP for $200
‘For a fee of about $200 per PC for the first year — or maybe as low as $100 per PC if you negotiate — Microsoft will continue producing security updates for Windows XP and giving them out to you…’

5 tips for running Windows XP relatively safely
‘Today Microsoft stops supporting the decade-old Windows XP operating system. If you can’t upgrade (or don’t want to), follow these tips to continue running the Windows XP with a little security…’

7 Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Site In Minutes
‘Your WordPress site is slow, and you’re losing page views and revenue because of it. But you’re also busy – I get it. Here’s seven speed tips you could have a crack at on your lunch break – they’re so simple and easy…’
the tips


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