Avoid Being Attacked in G Glass

Passengers board a Fremont-bound BART train at...

Passengers board a Fremont-bound BART train at Embarcadero station in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another Google Glass Wearer Attacked in San Francisco
If this incident was a random mugging attempt, or yet another signal highlighting the growing tensions between San Francisco’s tech haves and have-nots, then the solution is simple: Do not wear (flaunt) Glass in have-nots places

‘The perils of wearing Google Glass became apparent yet again when a man wearing the device was attacked on the streets of San Francisco on Friday.

‘Kyle Russell, a 20-year-old journalist, was wrapping up a day of covering the local Google protests and on his way to the 16th Street BART train station when a woman yelled out “Glass!” and snatched the device off his face.

‘Russell and his friend gave chase, the trio running in and out of traffic, but the woman ultimately got away, smashing the device on the ground before making her escape…’

A great recovery story
My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict To Magna Cum Laude
“I went after my recovery like I did my drugs and found I was able to accomplish anything I truly wanted,” says Daney Hill, who now works with addicted and imprisoned mothers.

‘…At a 12-step meeting at the center one night, I heard a woman talk about an insatiable hunger she felt in the pit of her stomach — a hunger that could never be filled by any food, only drugs. She called this hole a “spiritual void.” At that instant, I felt like a piece of my puzzle had finally snapped into place. I wasn’t alone. There were others who felt the void, and who were waking up every day to fight to stay clean.

‘While in treatment, I went back to school. I was 35. Within two years, I graduated from community college. I took out student loans and transferred to a university, where I graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I went after my recovery like I did my drugs and found I was able to accomplish anything I truly wanted…’

How Washington and its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments and Manipulate Public Opinion [Video]
‘This is an agglomeration of various stories I’ve been covering lately, and others I’ve missed, with the primary message being that our lovely clandestine government can adapt to new technologies, to do what they’ve been for at least 66 years, probably longer but not as implacably and relentlessly.

‘Sometimes, with all the information coming in, we have to see it again, presented in a different way…’
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