Who Really Invented the Internet?

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See if you can conclude who really did that after reading this

‘Let’s try and get some facts straight.
‘There’s the internet. The whole bunch of computer networks connected to each other. And then there’s the World Wide Web. A way of making it easier to share information using all those interconnected computers. The Internet as we know it today was at least forty years in the making. One popular but wrong story is that the Internet was developed by the USA. Said they had a communication network the would survive a nuclear war according to one of the founders of the first network the ARPANET. In the nineteen sixties, this first network experiment wasn’t about communication at all. It was about optimizing processes usage of time-sharing which basically meant that scientists could share computer ballot to. That was because until the nineteen sixties there was basically no network.

‘So let’s look at some of the other key concepts that were developed elsewhere starting with packet switching. In Britain, there was a commercial network developed by the National Physical Laboratory but which never really got off the ground because it didn’t get funding. But they did come up with the idea of packet switching—the way of avoiding congestion in basic networks by cutting update on one end and putting it back together at the other. The French also played a role. They were working on a scientific network but they didn’t have a big budget so they decided to work on direct connections between computers as opposed to working with Gateway computers. Now as an aside, this mystery isn’t very scientific but according to one theory, a spit on for their research was the word and to connect but you don’t have to but even if you don’t want to. So now it’s the early nineteen seventies. There’s quite a lot of computer infrastructure but communication is orkut and patchy because different networks can’t talk to each other…’
more in video

Talking about the Internet with the guy who helped invent it.
Here are a few great moments from Vint — or you can watch the full Hangout


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