Ever Heard of a Double Hero?

Purple Heart
Man Saves Neighbor— on Way to Get War Honor
James Yates rescues woman from pinned car before ceremony at football game
‘Yates lives every day on pain pills because of damage to his spinal cord. He received a Purple Heart for his injuries and Saturday night was honored before the Iowa Barnstormers game with two other Purple Heart recipients.

‘”Everybody gave us a standing ovation and it was pretty loud and we were walking off and you could hear people saying thank you, and saluting us and stuff like that and it was pretty cool,” said Yates.

‘But no one in the crowd at the area knew what Yates had done just hours before.

‘Sgt. Yates said he would expect anybody to do the same thing he did in that situation. Courtney said she plans on calling Yates to thank him very soon…’
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Smuggler Walks Awkwardly, Gets Arrested
Police say they found heroin in man’s underwear at JFK Airport
‘Bernard Charles stepped off Caribbean Airlines flight No. 520 on April Fool’s Day and immediately caught the attention of Customs and Border Protection officers, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

‘Charles, 42, was detained for an enforcement examination and appeared “visibly nervous” and “avoided eye contact” while the officers examined his suitcase, according to U.S. Homeland Security special agent Sean Gabay.

‘Focusing on Charles’ awkward gait, the officers patted him down and discovered a “hard object in the defendant’s groin area,” Gabay stated in the complaint…’
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Couple Steals Car … to Get to Court
‘That’s what authorities say a couple did, stealing a 2001 Mitsubishi from an auto dealership in Redding. The dealership called police in Sonora at 2:20 p.m. Friday, reporting that a GPS tracking device on a car that had been stolen was indicating the vehicle was parked in front of the Tuolumne County Courthouse.

‘Officers responded and found the car with different license plates on it. A woman, later identified as Teresa Castillo, 45, approached the car. Police said she told them her husband had bought the car for $200 earlier in the day so they could drive to Sonora for his court appearance…’
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