Foreseeing Future Faces is Now Easy

English: A collage of an image modified with 1...

English: A collage of an image modified with 16 different Instagram filters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you can see accurately what your children will look like as adults
‘If you’re a parent wondering what your child will look like as an adult, now you don’t need to wonder anymore. Researchers at the University of Washington claim to have developed software that can accurately predict what a child will look like as an adult, up to the age of 80. The technique can even work from poorly lit photos, and could prove a big help in missing persons cases…’

Should the dead have publicity rights?
What would you do if you find your photo on an obit?
Confusion over dead celebrities on social media, as Twitter suspends James Dean
‘Twitter’s finished being a rebel, at least when it comes to standing up for a James Dean fan who is being sued by a celebrity licensing company that wants to claim the fan’s @jamesdean account.

‘Despite Twitter’s earlier claims that the account, which consisted of quotes and photos of the late Hollywood bad boy, did not violate its trademark policy, the company quietly suspended the account sometime in the last few weeks.

‘The dispute came to light in February on reports that Indiana-based CMG Worldwide was suing Twitter to learn the identity of @JamesDean, who had been tweeting tributes like the one below since 2009:…’

How to Stop Instagram from Posting Your Likes On Facebook
‘While you’re browsing through Instagram you might find a photo that you think is cool, so you “Like” it. By default though, Instagram will post your Likes to your timeline. But is you don’t want that to happen, it’s easy to disable.

‘We’ve shown you how to stop Facebook apps from posting on your behalf. And you can turn off Instagram that way, or directly from the app itself…’
how to

How cryptocurrencies can curb unsustainable growth in government power
‘It’s fair to say that such virtual currencies have soared in recent times, with Bitcoin very much the poster child of the fledgling peer-to-peer digital payment system. But what exactly does this new-fangled currency system mean for everyone? Is it a fad, or can it revolutionize an industry that’s become synonymous with wealth, power and greed?

‘Meet Stefan Molyneux, the podcaster, broadcaster, philosopher and host of Freedomain Radio. Molyneux is one of the speakers at the TNW Europe Conference in Amsterdam next week, where he’ll discuss the shifting sands of Western political power over the centuries, the rise of centralized banking, government-controlled currency, and the recent surge in cryptocurrencies…’


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