Police Bombs Could Have Hurt Any Alaskan

Taken on a nice day in early May 2008 at Ted S...
Funny but not
Cops Hide Explosives on Car, Lose Track of Car
‘Police at Anchorage’s airport briefly lost track of a small quantity of explosives used for training K-9 units Monday, but were able to recover them hours after a rental-car customer drove away the vehicle they were attached to.

‘According to Jesse Davis, chief of Airport Police and Fire at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, officers routinely conduct controlled exercises during which they hide explosives to help train explosive-sniffing dogs.

‘While other exercise locations have included airport terminals and warehouses, as well as parked aircraft and vehicles belonging to the state motor pool, Davis says Monday’s exercise was carried out in a parking lot full of rental cars…’
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Man with Cold Case Since 1957 Appeals
‘…a crime so shocking it captured the attention of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover…’
Why not free McCullough since he could have served his time in 57 years

‘”Nostalgia” and flimsy evidence led to guilty verdicts in the nation’s oldest cold case ever solved, according to the man serving a life sentence for kidnapping and murdering a neighbor’s child in 1957.

‘In his 80-page appeal, former police officer Jack Daniel McCullough says he deserves a new trial because his mother was allowed to accuse him from the grave — while he was kept from proving that he was elsewhere when a 7-year-old girl was abducted and killed.

‘The appellate brief, filed Thursday by the Illinois state appellate defender, noted that nobody saw who grabbed Maria Ridulph from a street corner in Sycamore, Illinois, or witnessed how or where she was killed…’

Beware of your church leaders
33 Years Later, Suspect wanted for murder, found living as church deacon
‘U.S. marshals say an ex-convict wanted in connection with a 1981 Pennsylvania homicide is under arrest after he was found to be living under an alias and serving as a church deacon in Texas.

‘It isn’t clear what led law enforcement agents to a man named Roy Eubanks in Mineola, Texas, or whether he had a lawyer. But in a statement, U.S. marshals say the 78-year-old admitted his real name is Joseph Lewis Miller.

‘Miller is charged with fatally shooting a man in a parking lot next to a Harrisburg, Pa., hotel in January 1981…’

‘Preppy Drug Ring’ Busted in Affluent Philly Suburbs
It was operated by Prep School grads
‘According to officials, 25-year-old Neil Scott and 18-year-old Timothy Brooks were running the operation and grooming others to help distribute their product at high schools and colleges.

‘“Scott and Brooks employed students from five local high schools and three colleges as what they called ‘subdealers’ to distribute cocaine, marijuana, hash oil, (and) Ecstasy,” says Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman, “and they used connections in their community to target dealers who would then carry on their business.”…’


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