A Case Against Anonymous Complaint Websites

thisisbeirut-indexWhere you could be the next victim
‘Jennifer Creed, who owns A+ Pet Vet and Dr. Jenn’s Ragdolls, on April 4 filed a lawsuit against John Does 1-5. In the lawsuit, Creed requested unspecified damages and that the defendants be forced to remove the content in question.

‘Among other things, the anonymous websites claim that Creed has kept ragdoll kittens in poor conditions. The suit also claimed that John Does 1-5 began sending emails to other businesses in the pet breeding and veterinary community assailing her character and warning them against doing business with her.

‘According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Creed first received her veterinary license in 1993 and never has been disciplined…’

Is Social Media Making Us Better Writers?
‘Could the next great novel be simply a collection of tweets and status updates? For most, the idea may seem preposterous. The depth allowed in literary fiction couldn’t be more dissimilar to the brevity valued by social media. But for producer and actor B.J. Novak, the idea of social media as literature might not be so far-fetched.

‘”[Social media] makes everyone aware of the minutia of conversation in literary form,” Novak told Mashable. “A status update contains so much fear and hope and worry and fakery and inadvertent honesty and style and attempts to not try too hard.”…’

Family Dog Triggers Minor Miracle
Dad with Alzheimer’s Briefly Regains Speech With Family Dog
‘A New Mexico woman whose father gradually lost most of his speech as his Alzheimer’s advanced, says spending time with the family pets often coxes small snippets of conversation from the ailing man.

‘Lisa Abeyta’s father, Charles Sasser, of Alburqurque, N.M., was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a degenerative disease affecting memory, about four or five years ago, but only began to lose his speech in the last six months to a year, she said.

‘Abeyta has written about the family’s struggles with the disease numerous times on her blog, but it was a video Abeyta posted Thursday to YouTube and Reddit that moved thousands of strangers to share their own personal journeys with Alzheimer’s and dementia…’

What if the Drone this Golfer Hit Was a Fighter Drone?
Imagine if it could retaliate—which would probably be the case
Pro Golfer Bradley Knocks Drone Out of Sky With Golf Ball. Bravo!
‘Pro golfer Keegan Bradley was annoyed by a drone flying overhead during putting practice, so he decided to take matters into his own club-swinging hands. He drove his golf ball toward the drone four times, finally striking it out of the air.

‘The DJI Phantom drone was equipped with a GoPro, so we get firsthand footage of the quadcopter crashing into the ground.

‘And while the entire encounter seems somewhat (read: completely) staged by Putnam Investments, you can’t deny Bradley’s got aim — and, apparently, a distaste for drones…’


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