Can NBA Ban a Team Owner?

April 30 Update
nytimes-30sterling1-thumbStandardNBA Bars Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for Life

USA Today-nba_u_clippers_300x200My suggestion: All the black players should unite and demand Sterling’s firing. If Sterling refuse, all the black players should resign. Would Sterling dare to have an all-white team? He would if he’s an idiot. Imagine how many fans would support such a team. It would be like supporting a supremacist team thereby enhancing Sterling’s racism.

‘…In the recording released Friday, and a subsequent one released Sunday, Sterling allegedly harangues girlfriend V. Stiviano about her associations with African-Americans, including NBA legend and Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Magic Johnson.

‘”It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” the voice attributed to Sterling says. “Do you have to?”

‘”You can sleep with [black people],” he allegedly adds. “You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.”…’

Clippers Stage Silent Protest
‘The Clippers gathered at center court before a 118-97 Game 4 loss in their first-round series against the Golden State Warriors and took off their Clippers warm-up shirts and left them there. They then warmed up wearing inside-out red shooting shirts that did not display the Clippers name or logo. During the game, players wore black arm or wrist bands and black socks.

‘Rivers said he wasn’t on-board with the black socks protest, but said he was aware of it and was fine with his players taking the stand…’

How A Public Corruption Scandal Became A Fight Over Free Speech
No good deed goes unpunished
‘…Lane says that people in his office warned him not to tangle with Schmitz because of her influence, but, as he puts it, “To me, it’s like being president of the bank. If I know one of my tellers is stealing from the bank, and I allow it to go on, I’m complicit.”

‘And so he fired Schmitz.

‘About that time, the FBI came calling, Lane says. The bureau was conducting an investigation of public corruption in Alabama and subpoenaed Lane to testify first before the grand jury, and later at Schmitz’s two trials. She was subsequently convicted in federal court of fraudulently obtaining $177,000 in public funds.

‘Lane, however, was not rewarded for his conduct. He was fired just before the community college was to request additional money from the state Legislature for the program he headed…’

How to Train Your Spouse Like an Animal
‘…Amy Sutherland was in a mostly happy marriage but tried to nag her husband toward being a more perfect spouse. It did not curb the minor annoyances of her marriage – the times he was late, drove too fast, or behaved irritably. They saw a marriage counselor who rejected them as good communicators, so she accepted the speed bumps in her marriage.

‘Then she began writing a book about exotic animal trainers, the type of people who teach dolphins to jump through hoops. To her delight, as she related in The New York Times, the techniques used to teach “baboons to skateboard” proved to be the perfect way to train her spouse:…’


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2 Responses to Can NBA Ban a Team Owner?

  1. DigitalPlato says:

    Every uncaring apathetic boss will always cause a negative atmosphere in the office or in this case, in his team, and cause limited performance in his team.
    Thanks KK.


  2. Kavalkade Krew says:

    I do wonder if Donald Sperling’s racism is somehow responsible for the Clippers non-competitiveness since he has been owner (he didn’t want to pay Danny Manning big dollars, famously) and if hsi ownership now constitutes a “hostile work environment.”


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