All About Warrantless Phone Searches

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The amount of info inside your phone is an issue
‘The court has long allowed police to search people without a warrant at the time of their arrest. But as privacy advocate Andrew Pincus points out, until very recently, those searches were self-limiting, meaning they were limited by the amount of information an individual could carry on his person.

‘Now, however, because cellphones can store so much information, a person can carry more than any one of the Founding Fathers had amassed in a lifetime.

‘Indeed, the iPhone 5 in its smallest storage version keeps 800 million words of text, Pincus says. That’s enough to fill more than a football field’s length of books, or over 8,000 photos, 260,000 private voice mails and hundreds of home videos…’

And that is why smartphones should really be called mini-computers

Commuter’s illegal jammer blocked more than cell talkers
This man allegedly got away with it for as long as two years!
‘Some drivers would love to have a cellphone-free bubble around their cars, but when a Florida man allegedly created one every day on his commute, it didn’t necessarily make the highway a safer place.

‘Jason R. Humphreys of Seffner, Florida, operated a cellphone jammer in his Toyota Highlander sport-utility vehicle during his daily commute for as long as two years before the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the local sheriff tracked him down, the FCC said on Tuesday. Now he’s facing US$48,000 in fines, with 30 days to pay or file a response.

‘Humphreys told the FCC he used the jammer to keep people from talking on their cellphones while driving…’

LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates Demands Good Content
LinkedIn Doubles Down On Brand Publishing
‘…Though relatively expensive by digital advertising standards, LinkedIn’s primary advertising product—Sponsored Updates—have proved to be a pretty effective advertising offering so far, in part thanks to the social network’s ability to target based on the company you work for company and job title.

‘But Sponsored Updates only work if you have great content, and you’re targeting your campaign the right way. If you follow the industry, you know that a lot of brands are still struggling to get there. Really, really struggling. Sometimes, it kind looks like this:…’
contently animation

How the ACLU Works
‘Being a card-carrying member of the ACLU is tantamount to being a super liberal to some, but the ACLU ultimately displays no allegiance to any political philosophy, only to whomever’s Constitutional rights are being infringed upon, from Nazis to the NAACP…’


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