Why You Get Unfriended on Facebook

Facebook costume detail 1

Facebook costume detail 1 (Photo credit: opacity)

I rarely unfriend a friend or acquaintance in FB but I do—when a user posts nothing but family matters and fav subject that never changes. So if I unfriend you, be assured it’s nothing malicious
‘…Sibona searches Twitter for mentions of unfriending, and then sends those Twitter users links to his surveys, which have been answered by a few thousand people, according to Vox, which added on the topic of random high school classmates being unfriended:

‘The top category isn’t exactly a shock. For many of Facebook’s first users, the site launched during high school or soon thereafter, and friending every classmate you knew was considered normal.

‘As the years have worn on, your ties with many of these people have predictably frayed. If they post something annoying or irrelevant in their News Feed, the impulse to unfriend is strong…’
Other findings by Sibona in previous surveys included

Reminiscing the Old Blogosphere
‘Part of what was so great about those early years of blogging was how chaotic it was — a flurry of posts linking to other bloggers (remember linking?), comment flame-wars, and endless discussion about the value of blog widgets like MyBlogLog or your Technorati ranking, or how to set up your RSS feed. Everyone was tinkering with their WordPress or Typepad to embed some new thing or try out a new theme, and there was a natural (if occasionally tense) camaraderie about it.

‘So what changed? Blogging grew up, for one thing — Om turned his blog into a business, and quite a successful one at that, and Arrington did the same and sold it to AOL. VentureBeat and Mashable and Read/Write and all the others did something similar, and gradually the line between blogging and regular media started to blur, although there are still flare-ups of the old “bloggers vs. journalists” dynamic from time to time. Meanwhile, plenty of individual bloggers got sucked into Twitter or Facebook and stopped blogging altogether…’

Parody: Google Glass Taking Over Family Dinner [Video]
Even a gadget that’s not hand-held!
‘Technology is always getting in the way  of family – if you don’t believe me, ask someone about when they bought television and no one wanted to eat at the dining table unless it also had a view of the TV. Now, everyone will usually pull out a smartphone to take a photo, check Facebook, tweet about their family members, and then watch a movie as they slowly dine.

‘It’s not a terrible idea, of course, we’ve all been guilty, but it’s likely to change if Google Glass dominates as the next digital divide. If you can’t fathom how silly it might be, check out this fine dining experience as a family adjusts their vision to modern technology of digital eyes…’


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