Why Asian-American Students Outperform Their White Peers

Asian (Oriental) American girl with dimples.

Asian (Oriental) American girl with dimples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘When it comes to academic achievement, Asian-Americans outclass every other ethnic group, with more than half over age 25 holding a bachelor’s degree—well above the national average of 28%. To find what gives Asian-Americans a leg up, a team of sociologists scoured two long-term surveys covering more than 5000 U.S. Asian and white students. After crunching test scores, GPAs, teacher evaluations, and social factors such as immigration status, the team reports a simple explanation online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Asian-American students work harder. The team found that students from all Asian ethnic groups put greater importance on effort than on natural ability. This outlook, the team argues, causes students to respond to challenges by trying harder and has a greater impact on Asian-Americans’ academic achievement than does cognitive ability or socioeconomic status. However, the team says Asian-American students reported lower self-esteem, more conflict with their parents, and less time spent with friends compared with their white peers. The team suspects the high academic expectations or their “outsider” status in American society could be to blame…’

Surprising New Uses for Old Shipping Containers

nationswell-new-use-shipping-containers-r-800x025th & Larimer building in Denver, Co. was created out of 29 repurposed steel shipping containers

Can a judge blame a 14-year-old victim for her rape?
Judge Who ‘Blamed’ Rape Victim Recuses Herself
‘A Dallas County judge under fire for giving the rapist of a 14-year-old girl probation and then tossing the common restrictions given to sex offenders recused herself from the case Friday.

‘State District Judge Jeanine Howard declined to comment about the case beyond comments she made toThe Dallas Morning News on Thursday night, which included her saying that the girl “wasn’t the victim she claimed to be.”

‘The head of the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center, Bobbie Villareal, said the focus should never be on the victims and the number of sexual partners they have had. That does not diminish the act of rape, she said.

‘If the girl had sex previously, she was raped those times, as well, Villareal said. Because she was 14, the girl was not old enough to consent to sex under Texas law…’

DOJ Bans Porn Stars from Banks
So who will be next?
‘Under “Operation Choke Point,” the DOJ and its allies are going after legal but subjectively undesirable business ventures by pressuring banks to terminate their bank accounts or refuse their business. The very premise is clearly chilling—the DOJ is coercing private businesses in an attempt to centrally engineer the American marketplace based on it’s own politically biased moral judgements. Targeted business categories so far have included payday lenders, ammunition sales, dating services, purveyors of drug paraphernalia, and online gambling sites…’


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