Mystery in Centuries-Old Copy of Odyssey Solved

nbcnews-ux-520-800It’s easy to guess why the annotator willed to be anonymous. When you’re inpossession of a ‘treasure’, you keep it a secret. ‘Officials’, or worse hired goons, will try to snatch it from you if they come to know about it.

‘The handwritten notations, a combination of French and a mystery script, appear on about 20 pages throughout Book 11 of a 1504 Venetian edition of “Odyssey” that was donated to the University of Chicago Library in 2007 by collector M.C. Lang. The script was thought to date back to the mid-19th century, but nothing else was known about it.

‘”We still know next to nothing about the annotator. There are no personal references in the annotations, and in the few instances in which the author uses the first person it is only to explain why he or she committed a translation mistake.”, Metilli said.

”I was able to identify the code as a French tachygraphic system invented in 1776 by Jean Coulon de Thévenot. The mysterious annotator employed it in 1854 to take notes while translating the Greek text.”

The Rise of the Self-Trained Journalist
‘Before we started the interview, Eliot Higgins— a fairly unassuming-looking man of 35 who lives in Leicester, England — described how he started blogging about Libya and Syria when violent attacks against innocent citizens flared up in both countries. And as information about those attacks, including the use of banned chemical weapons and other devices, swept through the blogosphere and through social media, Higgins decided to focus on proving or disproving these reports. So he began to accumulate as much physical data as he could about the attacks…’

10 Countries With the Most Journalist Deaths Since 2004
Philippines is number 2. And yet Filipinos don’t seem to care
‘The following chart, created by Statista with information from the CPJ’s database, shows the 10 countries with the most journalist killings over the past decade. These include fatalities with “unclear motives.”

‘The data shows that Iraq has been the most dangerous country for journalists, with 174 total deaths since 2004. However, the situation for reporters in Iraq has significantly improved within the past few years. In March, the CPJ announced that Syria is currently the most dangerous country for journalists, due to its recent uprising…’

Google AdSense Conspiracy Theory Angers Online Publishers
‘Is Google stealing AdSense $$? According to some leaked documents from a former employee, they might be! Also in the news, YouTube allows for intros to be added to all videos. What does that mean for creators? Find out in today’s episode!…’

6 Steps To Self-Publishing Success
‘Everyone wants to know the “secret sauce,” the precise steps they must take to become a successful self-published author. While there are no hard and fast rules that will work equally for everyone, here are six basic commandments for self-publishing success…’


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