The Dangerous Impacts of Social Media

thenextweb-amanda-todd-via-getty-images-730x478It don’t need to take social networks to cause a global pandemic. Just smartphones alone can do that

‘While there are several reasons for using social networking, it appears that its main function is for increased contact with friends and family along with increased engagement in social activities. However, research has shown that young adults with a strong Facebook presence were more likely to exhibit narcissistic antisocial behavior; while excessive use of social media was found to be strongly linked to underachievement at school.

 ‘So if you take roughly 1.2 billion Facebook users and 450 million people suffering from mental disorders, what do you get? A global pandemic that’s showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon…’


Phone Not-So-Social Anymore
I was already anti-cellphone for years
Why People Have Stopped Talking On Phones
‘Texting became the norm for teens and young adults, but has been adopted by older folks as well.

‘Boomers are still more apt to pick up the phone in professional contexts, but at work as well as home a ringing phone has come to be seen as an unwanted intrusion.

‘”I used to think the millennials were wrong about this, but it is an imposition to call someone and say put aside whatever you were doing and give me 30 minutes of your time,” says Neil Howe, president of LifeCourse Associates, which consults with corporations about generational attitudes and behaviors…’

Why Your Cell-Phone Bill Should Be Going Down—But Isn’t
‘…the technical infrastructure of how efficient 3G works is compared to 4G is where it gets really interesting. The ITU—a branch of the United Nations that acts as the wireless global standards body—shows that as each generation of cellular technology is developed, it’s not just a better, faster experience for users. It’s also easier and cheaper for carriers to deliver.

‘The simplest technical definition of cellular speeds refer to how much data you can transfer per second. With the updated technology that carriers are equipped with in the fourth generation, known as Long Term Evolution (LTE), they’re able to deliver significantly more bits per second, which means a better experience at half the effort…’

16 Blogging Platforms That Won’t Distract From Your Writing
If you’re tired of ‘heavyweight’ WordPress and Blogspot, try these minimalist blogs
‘The exciting trend towards minimalist, responsive, typographic driven blogging, allows the content to shine. Many of these platforms support Markdown, which is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for writing on the web. Writing in Markdown means a document is as readable as possible, in plain text, reducing the time you spend formatting your blog posts.

‘You may already have used some of the major platforms already available, such as WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace and Blogger, and found they didn’t quite fit your needs. This post is a rundown of 16 of the best minimalist blogging platforms that pair down the features and focus on the writing…’


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