Your Private Party is Not Private…

English: Nick Denton at Barney's in Berkeley

English: Nick Denton at Barney’s in Berkeley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Social Media is present

So Gawker’s Nick Denton Instates ‘No Social Media’ Rule at His Wedding
‘”You can tend to your virtual presence — and your Twitter or Instagram followers — the next day,” said Denton, adding he wants attendees’ “full personal presence” for the six-hour wedding.

‘The irony of this request is twofold: not only is Denton known for staying connected, but many attendees are high-profile journalists who love to document their whereabouts on social media. The news also comes as more couples encourage guests to use hashtags at weddings to collect tweets and Facebook posts in one spot…’

The Spaniard Who Changed Europe’s Rules For Google
Costeja tells that he doesn’t want Google to purge all of its records about people and says he’s happy

‘”I was fighting for the elimination of data that adversely affects people’s honor, dignity and exposes their private lives,” he says. “Everything that undermines human beings, that’s not freedom of expression.”

‘Costeja would not reveal how much the legal fight against Google had cost him.

‘”Like anyone would be when you tell them they’re right, I’m happy,” he said.

‘According to The Guardian, the case will be used as a precedent in more than 200 cases pending in Spain’s court system; in many of them, plaintiffs are asking for links to be deleted…’

Paid Priority on Internet Allowed
FCC approves plan to allow for paid priority on Internet
‘The plan, approved in a three-to-two vote along party lines, could unleash a new economy on the Web where an Internet service provider such as Verizon would charge a Web site such as Netflix for faster video streaming. The proposal would, though, prohibit telecom firms from outright blocking Web sites.

‘The plan is not a final rule, but the vote on Thursday is a significant step forward on a controversial idea that has invited fierce opposition from consumer advocates, Silicon Valley heavyweights, and Democratic lawmakers. The FCC will now open the proposal to a total 120 days of public comment. Final rules, aimed for the end of the year, could be rewritten after the agency reviews the public comments…’

NeoCities throttles connections from FCC websites in net neutrality protest
And this is just one of the protests happening all over
‘Web hosting company NeoCities is throttling all connections from the FCC to its site to 28.8kbps, until the FCC signs up for an exclusive, $1000 a year subscription plan to remove the cap. Lots of companies on the web are complainingabout the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to trash net neutrality, but one of them is actually doing something about it. NeoCities, a free, open-source web hosting company, has dropped the hammer on connections from the FCC to its site…’


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