Now There’s a Spy on your Phone’s Mic

readwrite-a-new-optional-way-to-share-and-discover-music-tv-and-movies_2-e1400689223922Facebook Can Now Spy On Your Surroundings Via Your Phone’s Microphone
‘Facebook says it doesn’t store any of the sound it analyzes, and emphasizes that “we can’t identify background noise or conversation.” (That’s presumably a matter of intention and not capability.) The feature, of course, will know what you’re watching or listening to, which serves Facebook in its battle with Twitter to become the best “second-screen” app that people use for discussion while watching TV.

‘Any identified music you share will give your friends a 30-second song preview. Facebook will also post the exact season and episode of a show you’re watching if you share it, although the social network also makes the oddball claim that such sharing will somehow allow you to “avoid any spoilers and join in conversations with your friends after you’ve caught up.” Apparently Facebook believes that your friends and commenters are all people of goodwill who will conscientiously avoid revealing stuff you’d rather not know yet…’

Google Standalone Apps That Allow Offline Work
‘The mobile apps for the Google Docs services used to be part of Google Drive, but not anymore. In order to edit documents, Google announced that you’ll need to use Google Sheets and Docs apps. This will allow you to keep your important work saved locally, and if you lose a data connection, your work won’t be interrupted while on the go…’

What It’s Like To Write A Story With Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Stylus
‘In case you can’t tell, I am writing this article with the stylus on the surface Pro 3. To account for accuracy, the article has been edited only lightly to show the errors of grammar and random capitalization as a byproduct of the accuracy of the pen (and, to be fair, my handwriting).

‘I wrote this article using the desktop Word app for Windows 8. Word is probably not the app most conducive to the Pen. Microsoft touts the Surface Pro Pen with apps like Adobe’s Photoshop and its own OneNote app where writing and drawing are more natural behaviors. But, it is a novel input method and I was Curious to test out the Pro Pen in an extended Setting to test its accuracy. The first draft of this article (almost 500 words) took about an hour-and-a half.

‘Perhaps the Pro Pen for the surface Pro 3 is not the best method for writing an article, I but it does Make for an interesting and useful mouse for the tablet-that-would-be-a-PC…’


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