The Real Dark Side of Amazon Publishing? ‘My Amazon bestseller made me nothing.’ Patrick Wensink claims. ‘My novel shot to the top of the site’s bestseller list last summer. You won’t believe how little I got paid.’

‘This past summer, my novel, “Broken Piano for President,” shot to the top of the best-seller lists for a week. After Jack Daniel’s sent me a ridiculously polite cease and desist letter, the story went viral and was featured in places like Forbes, Time magazine and NPR’s Weekend Edition. The New Yorker wrote one whole, entire, punctuated-and-everything sentence about me! My book was the No. 6 bestselling title in America for a while, right behind all the different “50 Shades of Grey” and “Gone Girl.” It was selling more copies than “Hunger Games” and “Bossypants.” So, I can sort of see why people thought I was going to start wearing monogrammed silk pajamas and smoking a pipe.

‘But the truth is, there’s a reason most well-known writers still teach English. There’s a reason most authors drive dented cars. There’s a reason most writers have bad teeth. It’s not because we’ve chosen a life of poverty. It’s that poverty has chosen our profession…’

Tic Tock – Anti-Social Media App
‘They’ve created an anti-social media app called “Tock” to get you off your phone and into the real world! (Is that the most modern oxy moron you’ve ever heard or what!)

‘First you link the app to your social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter).  Then you initiate a competition with friends to see who can last the longest without being on their phone.  Whoever wins racks up points. (The developers are even getting local restaurants and hang-outs to offer discounts to users with the most points.)…’

Adorkable, Fractivist Or Duckface – Like any of those words?
Which Word Should Go In The First-Ever #Twictionary? Vote for your choices

‘Do you consider yourself adorkable? Have you ever posted a nomakeupselfie, perhaps while you were making a duckface?

‘No, me neither. But many are now using these words and others like them as an everyday part of their online lexicon, so researchers at Collins are using Twitter to poll the public about their favourites, with the winner being selected to appear in the twelfth edition of the Collins English Dictionary in October.

‘To vote, visit the Collins #Twictionary website and select your word of choice from the following list (with meanings):…’


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