Famous Actor and Author Only Started Reading at 31

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The Fonz‘I didn’t read a book myself until I was 31 years old.’
An interview with Henry Winkler – award-winning children’s book writer of the Hank Zipzer series and dyslexia awareness campaigner – who adults of certain age will forever know as The Fonz

Special steps he takes to make it possible for children who have dyslexia or have trouble reading to read his books:
‘We think about those kids all the time, although all types of readers read my books. One thing we do is have a lot of white space in the books. Sometimes a chapter is 12 pages long, but sometimes it’s a paragraph long. Sometimes it’s a list. If a child has a hard time reading, they can still read a whole chapter of my books. Kids who have never read before, reluctant readers, can read my books.’

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Tribe blocks Mark…

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